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Easter bunnies

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Little bunnies, big bunnies

Pink and blue, yellow and so cuddly too

Fluffy things the are

Comes our way this time of year

Big bunnies, little bunnies

Easter bunnies are hoppin’ around the corner

Be quick! Oh he’s gone now

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This is my bit after a few weeks of missing out on Picture It and Write!

via ermiliablog

No body wanted to play with me. They say they don’t have time for silly things, mommy and daddy were always doing big people things. They fight sometimes but only when they think I’m asleep, I think they don’t want me to know. I asked mommy if I can have a little brother or sister to play with but she looks at me funny, her face crumples but she smiles and says, “Honey girl, I don’t know about that. We’re happy that we have you, I know that you feel lonely but you have me and dad’s love all for yourself.” But that’s not true because they don’t have time for me anymore, but I like to believe that they do.

But I’d like to have a brother, I know he’ll like me a lot even if the other kids at school don’t. I will teach him how to make a stone skip in the pond at the park and I’ll show him how to play hopscotch and he’ll be my best friend. Miss Belle said the other children are my friends but they don’t make me feel like they really are, they tease me because I don’t talk much and it doesn’t make sense to me why they do that. Why does that make me a weirdo? I do have one friend, he’s my secret friend.

After school most days daddy drops me of at Nana’s. I wish I could live there all the time. She’s the only grown up who listens to me and answers my questions and never tells me to ‘go along now and play nice’ somewhere. Nana makes the yummiest hot chocolate and peanut butter cookies. She would hug me in her lap and tell me stories about her adventures in Paris when the big war was on a long time ago.

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Hi all, just a little note from little ol’ me

I know I’ve been posting mostly photos and reblogging a lot – not that there’s anything wrong about that since there so many enlightening and numerous posts to lift the soul are out there, those freshly pressed stuff are really great too – but I haven’t been finding time to actually let out the bottled emotions and recent happenings, hopefully I will soon.

Whats the happenings:

We were temporarily freed from school last Friday for the Easter vacation, not that I’ll be flying any kites because they don’t seem fun anymore. Sad but true. You see over here in Guyana kites are a big deal, really big, even my 44 year old uncle makes at least one every year! There are competitions for judging kites in various categories held all over the country. I didn’t even touch the frills of one last year.

Another uncle of mine (who really isn't my uncle at all) made these two for my sisters.

Before school was out, my 6th form class took part in the regional science fair and guess what? We brought second! The title was: Science, Mathematics and Technology: Unlocking potential for a green society. Our project was: Biodiversity Awareness and Promotion,we worked on making a Biodiversity Club to increase the awareness of the importance of life all around us and how we’re all interconnected. We took turns to explain when people came to our booth, nerves were jangling but we got used to it halfway through. My friends elected me to present to the judges, I surprised myself when I didn’t stutter or tripped over my feet.

We knocked that model up within a day or two hence the crappy appearance, I have a feeling our presentation won us the silver. On the left (with the barn) is a well maintained healthy environ, the other side is the opposite.

But we passed on nationals since it would take up the much valued time we need to catch up on our Cambridge A Levels (Math,Bio and Chem) to be written in Oct/Nov time. Right now I’m supposed to be working out Maths problems from the beginning of the text book up to where we’re at, but as you can see I’m blogging, somebody shake the devil outta me! There are two text books. I’m a WordPress junkie, I can’t help it, okay maybe I can, but ugh addiction is … well addiction, and I can’t quit cold-turkey.

The weather over here can be described as rainy, grey, lots and lots of grey and cold, I’m just shivering. It’s either rain, cloudy, or shine in the tropics, how would I make it in Alaska? I should be fine, I’m highly adaptable, or at least that’s what I tell myself … Some rice farmers were supposed to be harvesting around Monday but if the weather keeps like this it’ll be a disaster.

I’ll stop here for now, next time I’ll bore you all to death with how my new year’s resolutions are going.

Peace out and have a Happy Good Friday,

By the way, today is Hanuman Jayanti where we, Hindus, celebrate the birth of Lord Hanuman.


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