On top of the world, a ceremony for millions

The four youth ambassadors lower the pod to the seabed at the North Pole

Happy Earth day, Mother Earth and fellow earthlings! I am ashamed to admit I completely forgot the significance of this day, but hey I’m human and I forget things but one thing I can’t fail to remember is our responsibility towards our home planet. I would have loved to write more extensively especially on the Arctic region but I haven’t prepared anything – as yet.

So let me bring you news on the Greenpeace activists who trekked to the top of the world to leave a message for the present and for the future, to mark the Arctic land of no one man or country but to every one of us. To protect this precious bit of land from the greedy thoughtless companies. You won’t have to go very far to think who I’m talking about. Big oil has run its course, it’s time to move on to more sustainable ways of powering our homes and businesses, our lives. The transition will take time, yes, but we must give it a chance and not stubbornly hold on to the harmful ways.

Do you remember this post where I reblogged from the GP blog? Well, they’ve reached! On the 14th this month they lowered the time capsule, containing the names of almost three 3 million arctic activists (people like you and me!), on the seabed beneath the north pole. The following in italics is what I’ve copied from


Something incredible happened yesterday.

Our four young explorers on a mission with Greenpeace have planted a flag on the seabed beneath the North Pole, at the same spot where a submarine planted a Russian flag claiming the Arctic for Moscow.

After a gruelling week-long trek across the frozen Ocean, over giant pressure ridges and around icy pools of open water, we planted our ‘flag for the future’ 4km beneath the ice at the top of the world and called for the region to be declared a global sanctuary. We ran into some technical difficulties on the first go, and had to try again before lowering the pod by hand. But not before filming some beautiful shots of the pod in the icy waters. 

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If Kumi will … will you? #KumiWill

This year’s Earth Hour on March 23 is no ordinary Earth Hour. Climate change is being felt around the world – ravaging communities, destroying lives and livelihoods. We are running out of time, but we can still fix this.

– Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace’s International Executive Director.

I hope you listened to what Mr. Naidoo said in that video. Perhaps it hasn’t done much to inspire change in you, but consider what is happening today and what will happen if we waste resources unnecessarily. Oil companies are still scouting for drilling sites in the face of rising CO2 levels, record high as of October last year and it is rapidly increasing.

Why? Why do we need to support this when these actions are harming the Earth? No, not the Earth, ouEarth because it is that personal. There are better and cheaper alternatives out there. Fact is that initially solar panels and wind turbines will be expensive, for the cost of materials and installations mostly, but in the long run it is worth it because we will be breathing cleaner and healthier air. Deforestation would no longer be an option, animals won’t be running for their lives any longer. Our Earth won’t be raped of her wealth and health to sustain our lives, and when you think about it it’s pretty selfish.

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Guardians of the Realms

This is the most recent photo prompt for the weekly Picture it and Write! (not a part of my Silver Nights series) I know this is rather soon right after my last entry but I thought I should actually attempt to keep up. Keep up. Yeah right, and pigs will migrate with Canadian geese. Let’s see how long I can go without missing a week. The following short (though a wee bit longer than usual) you’ll be reading, was one I stayed up about four hours (until 6 AM today) writing after I randomly decided to begin it when I was supposed to be studying Bio. I hope you like it. If you’re confused at any point, please feel free to ask in a comment 🙂 As always, constructive criticism is always welcome and I don’t not have to like it but I appreciate you voicing your thoughts!



Thea was one of the ten Head Guardians, she was among her generation’s ultimate protectors and fists of justice. She held the mirror with no effort, its cold ornate frame and crystal surface so insignificant in her hands, would be a weight no mere mortal could bear let alone imagine. The Guardians were gifted. There were those who had influence over the elements of fire, water, wind and earth, some who assumed the shapes of animals, some were with the speed of light. There were only a rare few who could twist time and bend space. These were only a few abilities they were able to control, there are more, some yet undiscovered. The Guardians were the keepers of the realms, worlds, dimensions or whatever you care to call them. Thea was blessed with a talent even more rare than manipulating time and space. She could see all of the worlds in the Mirror of Mist.

She looked into the mirror’s surface swirling with grey-blue opaque fog. This was what her kind considers one of the most powerful objects in creation. Show me what I seek she commanded. The fog cleared and obeyed. In it she saw the past, one of the many things the mirror was capable of. Thea saw the time in ancient Earth’s history when it was invaded by the distant realm of Eidon. Then chaos had once ran entirely rampant, like untamed leaching weeds in the fertile, bountiful gardens, and ravaged the very surface of the Earth.

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Earth Child

Picture it and Write! is a regular post series over at Ermeila Blog where every fortnight they post a picture and you can right what comes to your mind when you think about it. Before I confuse anyone, here’s what they’ve said:

I urge people to join in, comment with your paragraph of fiction to accompany the image. It doesn’t have to follow my story or reflect the same themes. It can be a poem or in a different language (provide a translation please :) ). Anyone who wants to join in, is welcome. This photograph will be reblogged under Ermisenda on tumblr and added to the Picture it & Write gallery on Facebook.

They’ve got tons of pictures to write on but this is the one I chose to write on first:

Photo by Mihai Tamasila

My fingers brush the scarred barks of weathered sentinels as I amble aimlessly beneath their leafy canopy that casts a dream-like glow all around me. The earth is firm beneath my bare feet, with every step I take my toes tingle with its energy. I have not any fear of getting lost for this forest is my playground, the plants and trees are my play things that I bend at my will.

Crisp leaves rustle in my wake as I make my way to the tall, dense brush in my path that was swaying slightly in a non-existent wind. This wasn’t the work of Mother I see, I inspected it with a critical eye. I tilt my head this way and that, then I hear the softest of giggles. Ah, the sprites are at work with their mischief then. Amused, I raise my arm and splayed my fingers, caressing the calm air. It’s leaves shiver, I breathe deeply in. My fingers now clenched, the leaves shudder. I breathe out a whoosh of air. Then my hand swiftly falls to my side, soon after the brush parted before me and I felt the vibrations of tiny feet scampering away, their laughter now more audible.

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As I look up and into the sky tonight, I see her …

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She is the High Queen of the night’s sky

The stars at her beck and call

The ruler of our seas and oceans, the tides obeying her whims

A silent sentinel, watching us from above

She often lurks behind the curtains of darkness

Her crescent is like delicate china,

That would shatter with the slightest touch

At her monthly prime,

Her brilliant white light shines through

Starless nights like a beacon out at sea

Guiding us, the wondering vessels,

To our peaceful places in our minds

I often wonder what she sees when she looks down

To the Earth upon which she’d never laid her dainty feet

As she prefers to look from her lofty seat

~ Devina S.


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