I’ve got the blues + Harry’s poetry blog: Poetry Corner

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Hey to all of you groovy folks out there 🙂

Lately I feel hollow inside, and I just feel this sensation that within that space there’s something moving inside me, sucking out my energy. I’ll admit that I have not been eating as I should for the past few days for no reason at all, got no appetite, maybe that just it. I don’t know, what I feel is lost. I worry about tomorrow when today’s still young, heck, I’m still young!

Think positive they say, how can a body be positive when the heavens are a very depressing shade of grey above my head (and this is coming from a person who fairly enjoys rainy days)? I keep telling myself that I don’t need chocolate, I really don’t. It sits there on the shelf, looking at me with a devious smile calling out to me “You know you want me, honey!” It’s a struggle, but it usually ends when I think about all those people have way more pressing problems out there than I obviously do.

Hormones, that’s got be be it! But I expect that good weather will improve things.

Now blog-wise, I think that I haven’t been writing about anything of substance, things that matter to me and what affects me and the people around me. I have things inside me that are just pleading to be written about but the time and sometimes I’m not even in the mood to write anything at all despite all of the clamoring going on in my head.

I think writing about it, like I am now, helps to unclog a bit. I’ve also been writing more poetry than that’s usual these days. Which brings me to …

I’ve recently I’ve joined the amazing and insightful poets at Poet’s Corner (created by Harry M. over at The Dribbling Pensioner), check us out, there’s a lot of good stuff going around so don’t miss out! I just love it there 🙂

Oh well, until next time. I hope it’s sunny or close to it wherever you are 😀