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Short Story: Brew

Honey’s on the run. Mainly from her mother’s witch boyfriend. 

She’s still not clear on the specifics of disposing the previously possessed cat.

A now very dead cat currently in her rucksack being jostled as she wove her bike with break-neck ferocity through Erin’s doused back alleys. 

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Here lies my 2012 resolutions

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… some will remain buried and will rest in peace while others shall be resurrected. Last year I made a bunch of half hearted promises to myself but at the time I’m sure my heart was really into it then. So today I’ll compare them to what really happened throughout last year.

1. Make an effort to ease up procrastinating, I know that I’ll never quit outright no matter how hard I try.

– I can’t be completely certain but I’ll say I’ve improved a little in this area. I think that’s better than being stuck where I was last year. But there is still room, room and yet more room for improvement. Marked down for the resurrection process.

2. Put more time in revision so I’ll pass in my exams coming up and less time reading books, like novels, I normally spend my time reading … wish me luck with that one.

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– I think I could have found a fitting LOLcat meme somewhere to illustrate how this one went, but I’m feeling too lazy right now. Think about the extra clicks needed to do that, good grief. I’m dreading my results which will be released soon but I did make a great effort to study for these exams, it was the bio labs that got me down and the fact that I picked up English really close to the exams. Never give up! Heh.

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I think Ginger is a he, but I can’t be too sure. He’s one of the cats that made the back of our building home. Ginger’s a shy one, not that I get any close to them they’re not exactly a sociable lot but they leave me well enough alone, except when I share some of my lunch with them. He’s the most handsome of them all as you could imagine.

You can read the rest of this post on my photo blog Me, My Camera and I.

Have a pleasant evening/morning everyone 😉


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