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The little battle of trudging on

I had planned on staying up this morning to focus on my revision (I desperately need to get a load done) as my first exam will be on the 24th of this said same month. But, no, like the idiotic dunderhead (and I might have been redundant there but it’ll add to effect) that I am, I ended up reading a non-school related book, and someone please cosh me over the head with a brick because it was a Nora Roberts.
But somehow after reading for a shameful amount of time and then absorbing the fact that it was well past 3 AM, I turned the book off with a mollified jolt. Though I was then motivated enough, some tea didn’t hurt any. While going about the business of making it, a thought that came to me often passed my way just then. And because a lot of you (I’m guessing here) might not have noticed that particular notion I’ll be kind as to share it with you dearies so you could mull it over in utter befuddlement like yours truly:

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Expectations, depression and a little about my life

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Do you know how difficult it is to life up to expectations? Of course you do, who doesn’t? My family is counting on me to become a doctor, fine, no problem, I shall endure boot-camp with Chemistry and Maths courses. I’d like to be one, a doctor, I have for the longest while but I’m not really sure if that what I’m meant to do in life but I won’t know until I try, right? So I will, I’m going to bust my butt to try to get into Cambridge or another good college.

We have a little family business, that my siblings and cousins and I are expected to continue to run and improve and being somewhat the eldest I’m expected to get serious, I’ve already got my fingers in the familial pie and I will do my darned best. My family has worked too hard for everything to waste away, they sacrificed a lot for us to get to this point and I owe it to them and the business to assert my self and commit.

These days I’m being teased about when I get married this will happen so and so, then they go on about the boy, a very sorry boy if he  got on the wrong side of my daddy dearest who – like all dads – has a shotgun. My grandma and some of my friends are relentless when they touch on that subject, the boy, I cringe at the thought.

Frankly, this is not the time to get all soppy and stupid over some idiot when  Continue reading


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Hi all, just a little note from little ol’ me

I know I’ve been posting mostly photos and reblogging a lot – not that there’s anything wrong about that since there so many enlightening and numerous posts to lift the soul are out there, those freshly pressed stuff are really great too – but I haven’t been finding time to actually let out the bottled emotions and recent happenings, hopefully I will soon.

Whats the happenings:

We were temporarily freed from school last Friday for the Easter vacation, not that I’ll be flying any kites because they don’t seem fun anymore. Sad but true. You see over here in Guyana kites are a big deal, really big, even my 44 year old uncle makes at least one every year! There are competitions for judging kites in various categories held all over the country. I didn’t even touch the frills of one last year.

Another uncle of mine (who really isn't my uncle at all) made these two for my sisters.

Before school was out, my 6th form class took part in the regional science fair and guess what? We brought second! The title was: Science, Mathematics and Technology: Unlocking potential for a green society. Our project was: Biodiversity Awareness and Promotion,we worked on making a Biodiversity Club to increase the awareness of the importance of life all around us and how we’re all interconnected. We took turns to explain when people came to our booth, nerves were jangling but we got used to it halfway through. My friends elected me to present to the judges, I surprised myself when I didn’t stutter or tripped over my feet.

We knocked that model up within a day or two hence the crappy appearance, I have a feeling our presentation won us the silver. On the left (with the barn) is a well maintained healthy environ, the other side is the opposite.

But we passed on nationals since it would take up the much valued time we need to catch up on our Cambridge A Levels (Math,Bio and Chem) to be written in Oct/Nov time. Right now I’m supposed to be working out Maths problems from the beginning of the text book up to where we’re at, but as you can see I’m blogging, somebody shake the devil outta me! There are two text books. I’m a WordPress junkie, I can’t help it, okay maybe I can, but ugh addiction is … well addiction, and I can’t quit cold-turkey.

The weather over here can be described as rainy, grey, lots and lots of grey and cold, I’m just shivering. It’s either rain, cloudy, or shine in the tropics, how would I make it in Alaska? I should be fine, I’m highly adaptable, or at least that’s what I tell myself … Some rice farmers were supposed to be harvesting around Monday but if the weather keeps like this it’ll be a disaster.

I’ll stop here for now, next time I’ll bore you all to death with how my new year’s resolutions are going.

Peace out and have a Happy Good Friday,

By the way, today is Hanuman Jayanti where we, Hindus, celebrate the birth of Lord Hanuman.


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