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My day

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The original post was accidentally deleted, I should have known better than to post on a phone. I hadn’t in me to do it all over again just then. Saturdays used to be my favourite day, until it was resigned to calculus classes instead of waking up late and reading for a few hours. Calculus, I have feeling it will lead me into trouble one of these days, forgive me but I can’t elaborate on that at the moment. Let me just say that I’m suffering from a bad case of scrambled brains.

I’m afraid to pick up a book to read lately for a few of reasons: A Game of Thrones is getting nerve racking so I must take a breather least I go into cardiac arrest; secondly, I really need sleep; thirdly, I have to push in more time for school work added to the work I have to do in the evenings. So you can imagine the time juggling I must do. I don’t like the idea of staying up late again, after successfully accomplishing the difficult task of sleeping early I would really hate to resume my midnight wakes, but it looks like I have no choice.

I’m finding it a problem to post for the past couple of weeks, I mean the ideas are there but I can’t seem to settle on one at the time. My mood has fluctuated lately, nothing to worry about I suppose, but I think it is slowly getting to me. Pinterest keeps me up with the streams of positive, feel-good quotes and sayings but for how long will it work and for how long will I be stranded in this current I’m surfing? Continue reading



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