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To my readers: This is goodbye for now

I’ve not been well for some time now and I’m afraid things might be turning out worse than I thought. I don’t want to worry anyone, truly. I have a lot of stuff I need to think about. I just wanted to put it out there before I pull another disappearing act.

I used to be more active in the blogosphere. I’ve met tons of fantastic and interesting (and some downright dubious) folks who spin magic out of the seemingly mundane.

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Dang it’s cold

photo 4I’m in New York for a couple of weeks, a couple of days before I left home the internet decided to take a time out or I’d have written about going. I’ve never been to the US in winter and as a person who lives in year round summer it’s very cold, but bearable. I have some comments that I need to see to and I’ll try to get around replying soon. I’ll post something else too, right now watching Fresh Prince reruns I’m hanging around with one of my cousins, he’s usually the annoying one, but he too like the cold, is bearable to be around with.



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