My name is Devina, I’m a virgo and my cell number is …


Just kidding! You weren’t seriously thinking I’d give my number, were you? I’ve already got a stalker on the phone and my dad is contemplating very bad things. Dads are dads already, they’ll threaten the cretins for their little girls.

I was thinking how most or possibly all of us interact with strangers in the blogosphere, how we have no idea what kind of person we’re communicating with. Which one of your ‘friends’ are the creeps, which ones are the genuine good people, which ones are the jerks, the pervs? Sometimes you can tell by the content they send out into the world, others … are pretty darn good at hiding their inner creepiness.

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Tagged again!

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The tagging fever has cooled down a good notch and once again I’ve been tagged but this time by Phoenix (who tagged me a long time ago, sorry Kate) She’s got some very interesting questions that made me sit and really think. I’ve found that I enjoy being tagged and tagging, answering the multitude of questions and asking them them as well, but my only peeve is the number of people I’d have to tag in return. It’s not I don’t want to, lordy no, but I will be very honest and say it’s just that it’s a hassle to notify so many people, so I bent the rules a little.

The rules are:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag how many people you want to.
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Multiple Blog Awards, I’m honoured!

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There was once a time when I had the superhuman ability to blog everyday despite my work load ( ‘load’ might be exaggerating a wee bit) but the Universe decided to shake things up (more school-work+ getting more difficult, me getting sick, and the list goes on a little more but I shall spare you the yawn-inducing details), which was why I was not posting regularly, until recently, if anyone was wondering.  I would like to thank Jacqueline and Andy for nominating me for the Liebster Award and the Sunshine and Hug Awards respectively. But I also owe them both an apology for posting this so very, very, very (you get the idea) late, sorry guys.

Okay, this might get complicated … Andy had received the Sunshine Award and the Hug Award and gave it as a combined award, adopting the Sunshine Awards rules format, which says:

1. I have to say 10 things about myself:

  • My camera goes where ever I go (whenever possible)
  • My favourite book is actually the one I haven’t finished, yet, my Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus.
  • I love working out, especially while listening to 80’s Rock and old Country too. There’s nothing like feeling the burn while rocking to Bryan Adams!
  • I firmly believe that the world is going to end someday, but not anytime very soon and yes I’m scared but hey I might not live to see doomsday.
  • I want to get me a job that I’d love doing so much that it seems that I’m getting paid to have fun (but hopefully one that my family will approve of)
  • I love traveling, and I hope to go Country Hopping someday.
  • I don’t wear make up very often, why when you can go natural and be proud of it, not that make-up is an instrument of torture or anything it’s just that I prefer not wearing it regularly.
  • I’m tomboyish.
  • I’m addicted to chocolate, a lot.
  • I like smelling burning sulfur, like on a lighted match. Got anything that needs to go BOOM? Call me 😉
  • I love reading good poetry (who doesn’t?)

2. I must pass on the award, so here we go in no particular order:

Liebster Blog Award. The award is given to a blog with less than 200 followers that deserves a little more recognition. Here are the rules:

1. Give a shout out to the blogger who nominated you by linking back to their blog. Thanks again, Jacqueline!(Check her out she’s starting a new web show on her blog next month!)
2. Nominate 5 other blogs with less than 200 followers.
3. Spread the good blog karma.
4.Lastly, don’t forget to add the Liebster blog award image to your post.

Five very enlightening and entertaining blogs that deserve to be visited are:

Congratulations to all of you!

I’ve been tagged! Wooo!

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I don’t know if you guys are aware of this game of Tag on WP going on lately, I’ve been tagged by my friend Daphne, the Evil Nymph! So here are the rules:

1. You must post the rules

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new ones.

3. Tag eleven people and link them on your post

4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

Daphne’s Questions:

1. When is the one and only moment when you can totally feel blissful?

That would be listening to the sweet notes of the violin, nothing comes closer to bliss than that!

2. Are you a social media/internet addict?

Yes, I am!

3. Tell me your favourite dessert.

Ice cream sundae with crushed nuts on the top!

4. Your lifetime passion?

Gaining knowledge. What about? A little bit of everything, I want to learn about what’s out there in this big wide world, about the little and big things that makes it so wonderful.

5. What motivates you to blog?

I like to share knowledge as much as I like to gain it, everyone should be informed about things even the ones not directly related to them and because I love to write and express myself in this medium.

6. Introvert or extrovert? According to you, do you find this trait of you advantageous or disadvantageous?

Extrovert, no doubt about it. It goes both ways.

7. Are you a planner or do you do everything at random?

Random, but I’m working on the planing thing, though being random is cool and all, planing definitely has its perks, for example: like actually getting things done!

8. What do you hate the most about you?

My poor time management combined with the fact that I daydream and procrastinate way too much.

9. What do you prefer the most about you?

I really dunno, sorry but it’s true.

10. When I say ‘Change’ what’s the first thing that comes into your mind?

The first thing that comes to mind is improvement, changing for the better.

11. Please, before you go, tell us a favourite advice of yours. :)

Work hard for what you want, because the good things don’t come easily and once you put your mind to something anything is possible.

Thanks Daph!

That's funny, well I guess rules change. Image via lactosuria.wordpress and was posted on June 2nd 2010.

Here are My Questions:

1. What’s one thing that you could spend hours doing and never get bored?

2. What’s your favourite distraction from the tiring and pesky thing called reality?

3. What is your favourite quote?

4. Do you consider yourself a nerd or a geek? Why and what is your view on stereotyping?

6. What is one thing that you wouldn’t change about yourself?

7.What’s one thing about yourself that you would like improve on the most?

8. If you had the chance to do any one thing, what would it be?

9. Do you believe that there can actually be World Peace, where everyone can co-exist peacefully? Why or why not?

10. What do you think about the way people dress these days compared to years before?

11. If you had 10 minutes to speak to people in the entire world, what would you say? (Let’s forget about the language barrier in this case)

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Have a happy Sunday everyone!

Devina 🙂


Everyone is welcome to answer my questions if it tickles your fancy, if any of you do please link this post to yours’ to give me a pingback so I can check your posts out. Consider yourselves TAGGED!

Versatile blog Award!

This year had begun at a somewhat slow start for me but I must say, it seems to be picking up momentum, and school work. Thanks to my awesome friend and fellow blogger Andy1076 who had completely surprised me by giving me  the Versatile Blogger Award! Andy’s a guy who has a way with words and full of inspirational thoughts which he generously shares with us and I recommend that you check him out for yourself on My story to you.

According to the rules of accepting the award, I have to:

  •  Thank the blogger who gave me the award
  •  Post a photo of the award
  •  Share 10 things your readers don’t know about you
  •  Present six people to give the award to
  •  Let six people know they received the award

Time to share 10 things you guys don’t know about moi *drum rolls*

  1. I love to travel, especially to new places with my trusty camera in tow!
  2. I enjoy sketching random people (not that good at it though, but maybe I’ll post some)
  3. I’m a big fan of Harry Potter.
  4. I’m studying to become a doctor, I’m going after emergency med.
  5. Though I haven’t blogged anything about this as yet, I support gay rights.
  6. I love 80’s rock and the easy listening genre.
  7. I dislike wearing make up and dressing up especially for no reason, a t-shirt and a pair of jeans will do.
  8. I enjoy learning about different cultures!
  9. If I had the choice to move to another part of the world, it would be in Asia, Europe or Canada.
  10. I can’t cook anything really, but if you like burnt cardboardy (yep, I made one up) unidentifiable things to eat, you wouldn’t starve.

Ladies and gentlemen I shall now present to you six blogs that I enjoy visiting time and time again, I highly recommend you give them a try *bring on the drums*

  1. the quiet voice
  2. An Evil Nymph’s Blog
  3. Becoming Cliche
  4. Any Lucky Penny
  5. 6 Months to Live
  6. Listful Thinking

Congrats everyone and keep the awesome post coming!

Devina 😀

P.S: Have a happy Friday tomorrow guys, because personally today was just a mess.

I love being me.

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Sometimes I feel like I want to be someone else, I’m not as good as I want to be. I admire my mom and my grandmother for their strength because they’ve worked hard to keep our family together. I want to  be brave and have the courage to stand up for what I believe in like my father, my role model. I’d like to still be like a kid even when I’d grow up like my uncle. I’d like the chance to pick out the traits I admire in the people I know.

One day I was at school doing chemistry and it was one of those days when nothing would stick, so I was sketching nothing in particular and ended up with the profile of a girl crying, for what, I still haven’t a clue. My friend, Annie, saw it and commented that she that it was really good, that she could never do anything like that. I was like “Really?” I was surprised because I look up to her because she embodied a perfect student, or close to perfect I should say, she’s good at many things or that’s what I had thought. Annie’s smart, easy going, academically awesome, has neat handwriting but it turned out she wasn’t up to public speaking, or art like I am and she’s reserved, that’s a nice way of saying that she doesn’t prattle away like I do.

I was in the shower when it hit me – no not the water – that I’m okay the way am. I may not be beautiful and brilliant but there are things that I’m actually good at! Things that many other people cannot do. I am me. I am special. I am one of a kind. The only edition, the one and only. I don’t have have to try to be anyone else, I just have to try to improve myself in the areas that I think need working on. Now I accept my faults and my mistakes because nobody can make them like I do. Nobody can screech in the shower like I can. Nobody can burn the food like I can, though I think that might be debatable … I love my handwriting, it’s my own custom-made font. I love my Buggs Bunny teeth. I love the colour of my hair. Heck, I even love the bags under my eyes because nobody else has darker ones than mine! Just kidding! I love … me. Yeah, I love me!

I might still be a little insecure but that, and my faults and mistakes, makes me human, doesn’t it? You know, for a time I thought I was a chipmunk, darn!

Be you and be true. 🙂

Peace out all!

Needs and wants.What does wealth mean to you?

Use it wisely and you'll prosper, just like this little plant but we should all be reminded that money doesn't grow on trees.. and nor do trees from money.

Ask yourself that question and please be honest about it. It means a lot to many of us, more to some than others. We have to have some amount of it to keep us going. To me, wealth means money, bread on the table, clothes on our backs, a roof over our heads, opportunities for a better life, education, means of satisfying our needs and wants, mind you there’s a blurry line where these two meet and I’m going to attempt to make you see what that they’re actually the opposite. How should we go about earning wealth?Oh that’s simple: honestly. Okay, this might turn into a lecture, if it hasn’t already.

Whether we’d be rich or poor we should be humble or modest, whichever but they both mean the same thing either ways, showing off never did anybody any good. Money-wise, we need to utilize it sensibly because sooner or later it’s not going to be there if you don’t. Many of us who never had to break their backs, day and night to earn their living wouldn’t fully appreciate the worth of the money they have, mind you I wasn’t referring to everyone. I’m one of the fortunate ones but I know what I have and what my parents, and theirs’ before them, had done to get us to where my family is today. What did my mom and dad go through to get me here living comfortably, how hard did they work? What and how much had they sacrificed? Chew on those. Other people aren’t as better off. We should all be grateful and not the other way ’round.

Absolute Abundance Image

Back to defining the line between needs and wants.

  • Needs.

These are things that are absolutely necessary for us to live. When we say we want something it’s not the same as needing it.

–“Oh em gee!I need this pair of shoes and that totally cute bag to match or I’m going to die!”

– She believes she really has to have it. Honey, you’re not going to die, the scraps of leather and what’s not can wait, starving kids all over the world who need food, clothing and a home will be the ones going to do the dying.

Okay now, that was me just giving an example. If you want to buy 3” heels and a broken ankle that’s fine, you go right ahead and do just that but keep in mind that you want it but your life doesn’t depend on it.

  • Wants.

The things we feel like having, to satisfy our cravings. Like I really want The Book Thief in hardcover when I already have it on kindle and I want The Wolves of Mercy Falls in paperback when shipping costs added on it’s going to cost me more than when I can get it easily on my kindle. I want them, like really want them but it’s not necessary for my existence … even though I feel like it does.

Bottom line

  • Be careful with the way you go about spending your money.
  • Be grateful with what you have and to those responsible.
  • Wealth is not not only money, it’s happiness, comfort, family and friends and the other little things that makes your life special.
  • What you want isn’t always what you need.
  • Be humble.

See where I’m going with this? I believe that no opinion is wrong once you’ve got you points to back you up  but if anyone does think that I’ve gone wrong somewhere or you disagree or agree, please let me know. We don’t need any misunderstandings, now do we?

G’night or morning wherever and whoever you are!