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The little battle of trudging on

I had planned on staying up this morning to focus on my revision (I desperately need to get a load done) as my first exam will be on the 24th of this said same month. But, no, like the idiotic dunderhead (and I might have been redundant there but it’ll add to effect) that I am, I ended up reading a non-school related book, and someone please cosh me over the head with a brick because it was a Nora Roberts.
But somehow after reading for a shameful amount of time and then absorbing the fact that it was well past 3 AM, I turned the book off with a mollified jolt. Though I was then motivated enough, some tea didn’t hurt any. While going about the business of making it, a thought that came to me often passed my way just then. And because a lot of you (I’m guessing here) might not have noticed that particular notion I’ll be kind as to share it with you dearies so you could mull it over in utter befuddlement like yours truly:

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The Power of thought: Willpower

  • Will

1- the power you have to decide on something and take action.

2- (also willpower) the ability to control your thoughts and action in order to achieve something.

The Compact Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus

Page 1057

The following was scribbled on a Post-It late last Sunday night/really early in the morning:

I just had one of my tripping out sessions but my rebooting mechanisms kicked in, before I completely lost it, with the involuntary deep and rapid gasps of air.

I think I felt the oxygen surging through the blood vessels in my brain. This impulse was followed by a self administered pep talk that went something like this:

“You can do this, Devina, because you can. Will is power. So for the love of Pete and all the saints use that power and you will triumph.”

So my will went to work and just then my foot fell asleep beneath the majority of my 140 lbs.

Will is power. At the time of writing that I didn’t understand how true those words were even though I’ve heard them time and time again. The rest of this post is what I wrote after the sticky note. Here we go.


Dang, dang, dang! Willpower is a weapon. It’s one of those things that we possess but is overlooked, and sometimes one that we often underestimate (or it could just be me).

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Friday night happenings: A can of beer and a cup of coffee later …

This loopy fish will be explained later.

Okay, a ginger beer (non-alcoholic) because I don’t do the hard stuff, heck not even the soft ones. So what if it has around 37 kilo calories (3 700 cal)? I’m going to die a happy woman, right after running all the way to Timbuktu, just kidding 😛

Right this moment I’m hyper, like Alvin and the chipmunks on coffee hyper. I’ve been talking to my co-worker for 10-15 minutes, recounting the crazy and stupid things I did during my last years at high school with my friends at top speed and with an equal amount of high. I’ll talk about my  experience with caffeine in another post.

Earlier tonight I was listening to Michael Buble’s “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”, yes, in August. Actually I listen to his Christmas CD throughout the year because I just love it … and well it’s the only album I have of his, but that will change when I’m filthy stinking rich I’ll buy every album of the BeeGees, The All American Rejects and Mozart and a few others. The day will come.

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