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Post-Matt blues: Ruminations of a forlorn Whovian

Van Gogh inspired fanart. Via Pinterest, click to see the pin.

So I’ve finished Doctor Who and am where everyone else is at, awaiting the rein of Peter Capaldi. My body spasms in tears and the time in between them can extend for days. I cry in quiet little tremors and every tear is like an arrow that leaks through the cracks in my skin and strikes my singular human heart. It is finally sinking in that Matt is not The Doctor on screen anymore. I mean, and we all can agree, that he – like the other magnificent men – will always be The Doctor. Our Doctor.

It bites every time a face is lost to time, if you know what I mean. Matt, oh, Matt. Ugh. I can’t ever say anything proper. I love him unlike any other. The funny thing is that at the beginning, I acknowledged him as the enigmatic Time Lord before I realized he was an actor. I mean that in a good way, and there are some bad ways it could go because I understand that some actors don’t like to be stuck in our minds just as a particular character. Matt, nah. He seems to bathe in every second of it.

I … I just. Oh for the love of custard and fish bits! I’ll spit it out. His Doctor was one who was filled with the pain on the inside but tried to cover it up under this ever fresh coat of happy paint; fresh because he mostly means it. He was the optimist, the best friend (and the son-in-law, hehe), ever the fighter and believer in dreams and bow-ties and fezzes. Matt’s energy and well-spring of vitality always always makes me feel better about myself and this world, more than any of the previous two had. I haven’t emphasized enough on how much of a goof he was but it was so obvious to us Whovians. Continue reading


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RIP Paul Walker

… and his friend, the driver. He died this afternoon in a car crash on the way to a charity event. Oh my gosh. You never expect these things … He was a talented actor and it’s a damn shame this generation has been deprived of his presence. But man, is it not ironic?

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Brief respite from haitus (and a Sherlockian gush)

Hi everyone. First off, I would like to express my utmost surprise – and gratitude – to find that after having been MIA in over a month I’ve gotten myself some new followers! I can’t explain how but I’m very happy.

Well, in my absence I’ve joined a new fandom. *Drumroll*

via Click on photo to see original page.

via Click on photo to see original page.

SHERLOCK! I found the first mention of the show on Tumbler (surprise surprise). So I went on my friend’s Netflix and checked it out. Three episodes in the first season. Three in the second. There are only TWO seasons as of now, the third one being anxiously awaited by fellow fanatics, we call ourselves Sherlockians. I like it.

What amazes me is that in only six blinking episodes I find myself hooked very emotionally to this remarkable show. Reeled in by Sherlock’s impressive intelligence and unabashed arrogance in combination with John’s more down to earth demeanor. I simply love them both, yes yes, I like Mycroft too. Before, while checking Sherlock out from a distance (the show, not the man!), I was a bit skeptical, the fangirls on Tumbler were in a rage about it so I said why the hell not. Friends, I was not disappointed.

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