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You can’t beat timeless: The Killers

It’s mind numbingly difficult to point out a singular musical influence that hit me upside the head, there are lots of those. Know what I mean? Maybe one day I have a stable mental list like Def Leppard, Dire Straits, Gorillaz, Durran Durran, and so on. Then there are the days I can’t even.

But if you asked me what bands have kicked me in the solar plexus, I could count them off one hand and have fingers to spare. They had me seeing stars on impact and there is a part of me, a questing part of me, that hasn’t looked back.

One of them, as you can tell by now, is The Killers. Frontman (and sometimes bass) Brandon Flowers, in particular, is a magnetic son of a bitch and I say that with much affection. There’s a perpetual faraway look on his face I’ve yet to see on someone else.

The rest of the band is not to be neglected. We’ve got Dave Keuning on lead guitar and backing vocals, Mark Stoermer with bass, backing vocals and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. on drums and percussion. Together they make magic, transcending beyond what I though Indie Rock meant and felt like.

One of my uncles introduced me to them seven years ago, along with a good number of other artists that have shaped my tastes to this day. I recalled being torn asunder, put back together again and afterward, I could see a new corner of the world that was previously unknown to me. The Killers were the first set of musicians that got me. I witnessed grown-up sentiments that I was just beginning to understand, they sang me to knowledge that I’m still trying to truly comprehend. Weirdly, I felt embraced.

A shot from Read My Mind back in 2007. This a bloody masterpiece of a song. Inspired the young Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots.

There are so many pain numbing, euphoric numbers, that at first, I thought I’d include a cult classic like Mr. Brightside that tells of unrequited love (as I understand). But personally, I felt the more recent Shot at the Night best illustrates that untouchable charm Flowers got going on, not to mention it makes the 80’s geek in me rejoice. Untouchable yet it had me, arguably a grown woman, in tears. Continue reading

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Lilo & Stitch – Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride by Mark Keal’l Ho’omalu

I think this should make up for missing yesterday’s Music Wednesday. I strongly suggest that you’d watch this video before you read any further. You’ll be glad you did!

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride by Mark Keal’l Ho’omalu & The Kamehameha Schools Children’s Chorus (the lyrics are on the video’s page on YouTube)

I came across this video on You Tube last night, along with other ones from the series. This is one of my most favourite movie songs on Disney of all time! It brought back some sweet childhood memories. Lilo & Stitch first aired as a movie and in 2002 it was made into a series that ran for about three years and I’d watched it almost every day until it ended.

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Music Wednesday: You win again by The Bee Gees

It was either on the BBC or the Bio Channel that I first heard this song of the Brothers Gibb, or it could be on both. I simply loved it! There are some songs that instantly transport you to another time, in this case the 80s, You win again is definitely on of them.

The beats were perfect to me. They lyrics were great. From what I understand, the woman was using the man for her own ends maybe just as a temporary toy or perhaps the charm of the relationship was faded to her. But he (Barry) believes their love is one of the greatest and he’ll do what ever he must to get them back together. He loves her so much he overlooks the fact that she was ‘using’ him and still tries to win back her love.

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