Blogs I recommend

(Notice: I no longer update this page. There are a few more blogs I should add but I’m lazy to do it just this minute.)

These are the blogs I follow very often, I contribute to a couple, maybe you’ll enjoy them too. Check ’em out. Most of these are already in my sidebar.

A big thank you to Carmelina Lounsbury for granting me permission to use her beautiful photo. You can visit her site here. I also featured her in the list below.

Poet’s Corner

This is where poets, including myself, come together and share thoughts, ideas, memories through our art. It’s founded by Harry Mullan from the Dribbling Pensioner. You’re bound to come across a poem that will strike a chord because of each poet’s unique style and experience.

Legends Undying

This blog was created by James Mahoney who usually goes by the name Dark Jade in the blogosphere. When I was a contributor there it used to be known as The Dark Globe.

Legends Undying” is a Concept I came up with after Bringing This Site to a Halt September 23, 2012. At the Time, The Site was called “The Dark Globe“, and was a very Successful Multi Artist/Contributor Site.

My Life had gotten more hectic, and I found it difficult to Manage, and Keep up with “The Dark Globe”, which was doing quite well, and had 15 Contributing Artists.

A Week after bringing “The Dark Globe” to a halt, I missed working with other Artists, and decided to Change the Name and Format of the Site, to “Legends Undying”…

“Legends Undying” is a Writer’s Story Showcase Site, and would consist of only 7 Total Writers, including Myself.

– DarkJade

I totally enjoyed my time there, I’ve had a chance to meet some really talented people and even though most of us aren’t there now the new crew of writers are as awesome, perhaps even more so! You can see all of the posts of the previous site here.

The Quill Wielder

Laura Pfundt was also an author on The Dark Globe. She’s an up and coming writer who takes great joy in the twice annual NaNoWiMo writing competitions. Those of you interested, she gives great tips on writing and getting your write on during the said competitions. This is her official author site Laura Pfundt.

Sweet Jellybean

This is a recent find, and a sweet one too! If you saw last month’s (July 2012) last batch of Freshly Pressed then you probably came across Donah’s blog, she goes by AJ’s Mom. You’ll find reviews of personal care items like body lotions and DIY tips and not forgetting her journey through motherhood with her little gumdrop, AJ!

Creative Carmeilina

If you have an appreciation for things hand made I say don’t waste any more time than you already have and check her out!

As a self taught artist I love to delve into the creative side of things in all aspects of life. This blog features my art journaling, paintings, sketches, collections, crochet and sewing projects, as well as crafting and cooking expeditions. I focus on quality, originality, and the art of beautiful living. It is my hope that each time you visit here, you will leave feeling inspired and ready to make and beautify something in your own life. Ciao Bella! Creative Carmelina.

Lorna’s Voice

I came across Lorna’s blog when The Dark Globe had it’s Followers Appreciation Month, where the contributors would go around expressing our gratitude to our followers for visiting and interacting. She’s recently joined the crew at Legends Undying, so things are bound to get a little more lively.

There are a handful of blogs that I visit especially when I’m blue, Lorna’s one of them. She’s a Buddhist with a funny bone, putting the funny into normal every day things, I can’t explain how she does it. I say go on and pay her a visit, she’d love to have you over!

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      1. It’s ok. I wanted to.:-)

        P.S. omg. blog panic attack! My Origin theme is playing up – like the sidebar has gone crazy and now became my footer!! I’ve just quickly changed theme to see what’s going on.

    1. HI lorna, it does not work, just put the code into a text widget in the sidebar and it will bring up a button, its the same with my button on poets corner:)

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