Naked in Greece


“Aye,” said Hona. She was lounging on the roof.

“Put your clothes on, woman.” That was Judith.

Hona slid her sunshades down, “Come over here and make me.”

A patter of footsteps interrupted the mutinous glare-off.

“Hey! You two …. oh,” said Dima.

“Tell her to put on her clothes!”


Jude sputtered. “Because it’s indecent, that’s why.”

“Eh. I mean why not when your ma’s a goddess and you take after her. And she’s photosynthesizing on private property, so there’s that.”

Hona, satisfied with the turn of conversation, turned over on the beach chair to grace them with a view of her backside and settled in. 

“You’re all degenerates.”

Dima pushed on, “Anyways, what I came to tell yo -“

“Us! Degenerates?” cried the god-child, “You’re the vile creature who puts raisins on everything.”

 “Oi! Cut it out the both of you. Sister Agnes is downstairs and wants to see all of us. Did any of you do anything that falls under the category of ‘unholy’?”

“No,” said Jude, “but I can think of someone.”

“The only thing unholy is this weather. That, and wearing clothes.”

Jude stomped off in a huff. Hona sipped lemonade, unaffected, muttering something about prudes.

Dima turned to leave. “You know why she’s mad.”

Hona shrugged. “Babe, I didn’t ask to be her twin.”

Copyright © 2018 Devina Singh

I hadn’t any title at all for this one actually. It was last night when one of my sisters told me they saw on online thing about Sebastian Stan naked in Athens on a scooter for an upcoming movie, Monday. It fit pretty well with this story so I went with it.


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