No mas: in which I rant

Fair warning for those of the delicate sensibility, I cuss in this one.

Readers, I am aware that you don’t know me, my temperament, disposition and my limits. I am also aware that my anonymity has been somewhat compromised due to my own naivety in the early days of this blog when I was jubilant in my digital “creation”. As a result, I’m incapable of truly speaking my mind without some repercussion but perhaps a little censorship is what I need to keep myself from being too reckless.

That all said, have you ever been in a spot where you have a significant position in your workplace but your subordinates take advantage your decency and kindness to do stupid shit over and over again despite telling them multiple times to not do that specific act of fuckery? I sincerely hope you never have to. And I place a hand at my heart in commiseration if you have and still do.

Perhaps this is a good time to scrap the second-person tense and be real here. I also know someone near and dear to my heart, call her Lily, in this exact situation, it’s a family owned business. So this thing happened a while back. I know how difficult it is to be taken seriously when you’re a young boss, professional and fair but the staff has little respect because somehow the close to non-existant age gap means that respect is a fucking option, I mean, screw the fact that she’s your boss, amirite?

There’s work to be done, shelves to be packed, expiry dates to be checked and prices to be updated but somehow she’s to be at their backs do get a basic workday going on top of her administrative duties. Tell me, is that fair? Obviously, there’s more to the situation (which has been taken into hand) that I can’t tell you but you get the gist.

Lily and I happen to work together and we’re both not usually confrontational people, we just want to get the job done a pleasantly and efficiently as possible. But I’ve learned that she needs to be super stern not let an amicable expression pass for them to take her seriously. And even then she’s a bitch if she’s closed off. There are no pleasing these people.

But that right there is the kicker, she has no business pleasing them, the staff to whom she’s been nothing but courteous. But there’s a serious human resources problem where we are, the economy is bust and the youngsters are range from listless wraiths, to too-proud-to-hold-a-broom, to insolent, you’d think they needed the job. That’s not to say there aren’t any dedicated and earnest among the staff, it’s just that they’re too far in between.

Same goes for customers. I like customers, they buy the stuff we buy and sell at a reasonable markup. In any consumer based industry, we are nothing without the consumer. We go lengths often to keep them satisfied. Honestly, I’m satisfied when they are.

There are some damn nice people out there but they’re getting scarcer as well. Then there is the abundance of assholes who go out of their way to stink the place up to high hell with the crap they spew. Do not get me started on the ones that went to America for a fortnight and come back a foreigner, convinced that the standards we strive for are subpar.


They do exist.

I could go on but right now it doesn’t seem like a good idea. The best thing to do it to haul in a deep cleansing breath and let it whoosh right out. Don’t entertain stupid and ignorant people, they will drag you in the mud with them and passersby won’t be able to tell the difference.

I won’t lie and tell you that I’ve never been there but I’m slowly learning how to be a sane person. I mean, are we born sane to begin with? Or is it something we pick up along the way? I don’t know but it’s something to think about. Oh, here’s a notable quote I remember from the net, “Common sense is like a flower, not everybody’s garden grows them.” Amen to that, my friend.

Have you been on the unfortunate end of malignant ignorance, acute stupidity, and plain rudeness? How do you deal? I picture my happy place.



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2 responses to “No mas: in which I rant

  1. Retail can be soul-sucking. I paid my dues for sure! lol very relatable post.

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