Halp, can’t read me books

I’m clenching my teeth as I type this. It’s April. April, for goodness sake and I haven’t got one book read. Well, that’s not true if you count the two volumes of the stellar webcomic OMG Check Please by the one and only Ngozi Ukazu (you guys can’t tell right now but this comic brings me to tears. Tears of pure joy. Like I’m literally tearing up at this moment because I just saw her latest episode and ugh! Check this shit out.)

Just a sample of my TBR box.

Ahem. As I was saying, that would technically be *squints* two books. Last year was a decent year at seventeen books (shadow reads are not counted *blushes*). Now, that count doesn’t sound very hot but it’s all quality over quantity and I realized maybe that’s what’s been putting me back on this year’s quota of a modest 18 books. What I’m going on about is that I’d decided I should be reading more non-fiction this year and I’ve started to take notes too. When I was going through Susan Cain’s Quiet (btw, I didn’t finish) I was beginning to see how little I was assimilating what I was pouring over, hence a special notebook for that stuff.

That’s all and good but I … *sighs* I am officially an adult now so I have work, but I daydream waaaay too much and I procrastinate which eventually means I’m chasing my own ass finish stuff. Naturally, the only time I can read is late at night but since there’s a lights out policy at home I can only read on Kindle. And that brings up two other problems 1) the books I want to read aren’t digital so I need light and 2) and when I do read on the thing I’m a cranky mad woman the next day.

But my current problem is more pressing. I can’t read anything proper. I have a decent to-be-read pile with some interesting choices *sighs sadly* I can’t … read. This, my friends, for those of you not in-the-know is what we call a “book/reading block” or a “book slump” and frankly? It sucks 😠


Ngozi is a gift to mankind. Please read it and join me in my endless spiral of obsession with hot, adorable, pie eating hockey players. Hey, somebody should recommend this to Dan and Phil! Oh boy, I’d love to see that.

And if anything, I’ve resorted to re-reading bits and pieces of older stuff but it’s not the same. I don’t bother complaining to people anymore. Slumps make me feel like nonsense because I am, at my most basic self, a reader and going through this phase is like a self-rejection. It’s like Ellen woke up one day and can’t find it in her to smile or *whispers* dance. That bad. But I guess it’s bound to blow over sooner or later and hey, maybe it’s for the best because I’m a bit behind at work.

What about you folks? Do you know my pain? What was the last socially accepted book you’ve read? (message me about the hot stuff, I need deets people) What book grabbed your hand and led you to the end of this dreary tunnel?

Also, I have finally downloaded some photos from my phone so you can expect me showing off lots of my pretty darlings whom I cannot read. See you later alligators – which reminds me, I found that playlist of Lousiana Blues again! Oh, sweet lord. This is food for the soul.

Bye for real now, and be safe 🙂


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