Last week in music

Lorde in her Green Light official vid. Via


Hey, people of the Interwebs. I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. Yesterday was Phagwah, the Indian celebration of spring. That’s the one with all the coloured powder and buckets of water, although for these past few years I’ve withdrawn from that play.

Did you see the moon though? Her singular edge was crisply defined; gone was her bone whiteness, overcome by a pale orange haze. Of course, when we’d been making this observation a pick-up drove full speed into the fence. I live above a shop, and there were people out and about at the time. No one was hurt, thankfully. The driver had stepped on the gas instead of the breaks.

Anyway, last week had been a busy week for me in terms of music, as is common when I’m a miserable mess, music is the cure … er and distraction too, eh? I found myself rediscovering some old favourites The Kooks especially, BB Brunes (French rock band), Steve Perry (prev. week) and some Creedence Clearwater Revival and Lorde (Green Light has been on repeat ever since its release eep!)

Also I made a new find of Anthony Strong, from the Paris jazz scene. In his album “On a Clear Day” he covers several of the classics. He has one of the most perfect voices for jazz vocals I’ve heard, there’s such an effortlessness to how he sings. Here are just a few of the videos that have been in the background on loop. Enjoy!

Do you listen to any of these guys? What’s been on your iPods lately? What do you play when you’re in a fix, frustrated or simply nostalgic? Any recommendations? I hope you all have a fabulous week all you jazzcats out there!


6 thoughts on “Last week in music

      1. My best wishes to you, Jam 😉 It’s a fast food joint. Lorde is so good! She’s the type of modern artist that I know I’ll still be rocking to in twenty years.

    1. I understand you. I’ve visited England twice. Last year it was during July, a little sun comes out and everyone’s on the green. And I never did see the moon.

      Daft Punk I know about, Moby’s pretty chill and sneaky 🙂

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