Fiction: Silverlining

“Aren’t you pissed? I’d be seething,” Rooney asks with disbelief.

“I’m better off without him,” I say.

“No, no. That I get. But that you let the bastard go without a scratch … why are you laughing?”

“What gave you that idea? That he went scratch free?” I couldn’t help it, I laugh some more.

“Okay, I’m officially lost,” Rooney complains.

“So it occurred to me last night that my tears should be reserved for more important things – ”


“Supernatural for one, though I’m stuck at season six now. Anyway, look at it like this, she did me a favour.”

Rooney’s eyes lit up, understanding. “And who’s to say he won’t bail on the cougar?”

“Exactly. He’s weak and obviously strays easy, that’s punishment enough. Besides, I deserve better,” I tell her.

“What’s with the scratch thing?”

“Ah, yeah … you know how he’s indecently possessive over his vinyl collection?”

She gasps. “You didn’t!”

“In a gift basket, you know with the flowers? I let Liam write the card.”

Rooney gives me that dirty look. “Are you going to make me ask?”

“It says Blessed without you, you slimy bloated leach, ” I smile.

Rooney collapses in a fit but sobers. “Wait, did you use James’s new flower shop?”

I nod.

“You’re literally his first customer and your purposes were clearly anti-romantic.”

I shrug. “I told him I’d write a good review on Yelp.”


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