Snippet: Over chicken soup

Via All Of The Vegan Food (or is it?)
Via All Of The Vegan Food (or is it???)
The following is a snip from a short story I’m working on right now. I love it when kids are like best friends with their parents, usually I find that those cross out the unnecessary drama that depict cliched relationships. What do you think?

I slouched on the bean bag, my dress in a mess. I never slouch. I’m the chick that preaches “thou shalt not slouch” and I’m in a state where I don’t give two ducks, or geese which are actually more nasty.

“Look dad, this is going to sound all poetic and dangerously cheesy but here it is: when love is the religion, trust is king and truth is queen – or whatever – and together they make it work. You do want it to work, don’t you?”

He looked up at the ceiling, lips pursed. Then he smirked, looking a bit evil with eyes red and puffy from crying.

“Yeah, that’s pretty Cheetos to me,” he said.

“Eat your soup,” I snapped, smart ass.

“And do try to get some sleep. You’re beginning to look pathetic. Or else I’ll call him myself.”

“Keep your hair on, lady,” he hissed, jumping a couple inches off the mattress, and reached for the bowl.


6 thoughts on “Snippet: Over chicken soup

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  1. trust be the king and
    truth be the queen
    I’d be the prince who
    claims you princess

    its that time of year
    its those years of life
    when half us humanity
    search for life force

    to stand tall and dear
    be never weak
    on a knee
    never, ever again

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