What’s the purpose of it all?

The universal question

Defies language

Defies location


Who do they ask?

Why do they?

Humbly I offer

my piece to the puzzle

You decide if and

where it fits:

Life is what you make it

Don’t ask anybody else,

don’t relinquish what

choice you have


Ask you, that’s who

The divine will give you hope

But what kind of living is it

when you keep looking for signs

Like living from hand to mouth


The divine will give you hope,

that’s all and good,

But take direction and

Let heart consult with the head

– d.s


5 thoughts on “Cliché 

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  1. Love this, Devina, thank you for sharing! I’m not someone who really “gets” poetry, but I walked away from this post appreciating the power of choice, and how even when things feel like they’re spinning out of our control, we can hope and work toward a day when we can reclaim our destiny. Hope you’re doing well and sending you much strength this holiday season.

    1. That’s the message exactly! And there doesn’t always seem to be any choice at all, and I find it’s either in those moments it’s when i don’t want the responsibility of a choice, or I’m so frustrated there is no other choice at all when it right there waiting to be made.
      Thank you, Thomas, for your strength. I wish you nothing but an exceptional holiday 😊

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