I ran like the horses, swift and wild, because I am my father’s child. My breath fogs the air in fluffy puffs, feet barely touching the ground. I feel the ocean to my left, beating a deep bass pulse like my own heartbeat. ‘Mr. Brunner’ said I’d feel better now that we know where I belonged at camp, more like in the hierarchy of things. The pain will stop, he said. And it has, I suppose. But it never really does, does it?

Thrusted into the limelight, I stick out like a barnacle on a ship. Now, I just let the dawn air pierce my lungs; my legs starting to burn a little, getting too hot. That’s okay, though. With a thought, I willed a slight chill over my skin and the clouds of my breath grew denser. I could do this because I am my mother’s daughter.

That’s who they see first, my lineage. That’s how it works here with everyone else, too. Then, if you let them, they might attempt to see past that. I liked keeping myself to myself, give people the end of your thread to hold and sooner or later they’ll try to unravel you, figure you out. I can’t begin to understand my own self and what’s happened to me, imagine what a freak they’d see – what they’ll feel. Pity, awe, horror. I’d know because I’d feel what they do. Just like I felt hot anger of the jogger I passed, the nervous squirrel dashing past. I feel what’s not mine to as a toll for living, because I am my parent’s child.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it. I live a lot in my head, in my books. Mom’s worried, so’s my step-dad Ivan. Luca’s got his head buried in some car’s engine to notice. That’s okay. I’ll adapt, I always have. Stuck is no way to live, I thought, kicking up my pace a notch as I neared the bend ahead.

I created this character from scratch, an idea in my mind for months now but she’s based in the world of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series. So she’s a demigod but you’ll have to guess her parentage. This is a first draft, any corrections are welcome! I understand that’s might be too vague but I hope you liked it.




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7 responses to “Runner

  1. That’s quite the yearning for adventure and to discover what’s out there, I believe we all experience and want the same, well written 🙂

    • Thanks, A 😉 Hmm. Adventure, yes, but I think it focuses more on identity. When you’re the kid of a god, it’s the first thing people see in you. I believe the same applies in reality with surface assumptions, like if this guy comes from an affluent family the automatic thing to think is that he’s a spoiled rich kid which isn’t necessarily true. Looking back after you’ve read, can you see a little bit of that now?

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