Happy New Year!

First thing’s first, I was locked out of my account because I forgot where I put my list of codes to log in (typical) and  the text code feature wasn’t working, so yeah, I couldn’t post during Christmas week. A shout-out to Kris, the Happiness Engineer that got me back in. You rock, dude.

Got this cuddly widdle guy from here

I know 2014 has been absolute nonsense to some of us, sprinkled with the good things that propelled us forward. It’s 100% a possibility that is an understatement for many of people. Just thinking of last year, how close it is to this one still, rouses up some upsetting feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don’t like it one bit. Personally, sure I was conflicted here and there but on a more general level, a more connected-to-humanity-level I am disgusted with the senseless loss of life born of ignorance and hate, saddened and hollowed with the people lost from the air disasters and the boat ones and the train ones and those guys in the stampede in Beijing on New year’s day.

I don’t know what it takes to be someone to govern a country, city or town but it has to take a lot of brass. Every leader has his or her own agenda that affects ‘the people’ but I reflect especially on Russia and Ukraine, on whose affairs I’m not qualified on any level to speak on with any authority but that of a concerned and curious outsider, I ask not only those two leaders but all those involved in peace making in that conflict to do one thing: look at the people.

Yes, aid has pouring in as best as it could and I am at peace inside that people sill care enough (what does that tell about my outlook on humans? A post for another time probably). Again, I have not a clue about the mind numbing effort it takes to organize and make treaties and attend talks and make decisions affecting the lives of billions. But for a moment, can we all just step back from the political and religious extremism (I am not pointing fingers here) that usually start all this clusterfu-

Look, just step back, okay? Boys and men, and the girls and women in the battlefield. No longer fresh faced and ready. Angry and blank. Hot and cold. And look at the children huddled under rippling blue tarp in a hastily put together shelter some places familiar and those others foreign, alien; lost family members, festering wounds, chapped lips and spasming bellies, meticulously portioned food; mothers and fathers sick with worry, elders with bleak eyes and maps etched deep into their faces, souls ready to skedaddle out from their ears.

I am not saying that these leaders aren’t seeing because they most obviously do, I’m asking that they feel it all to the marrow of their bones, I want them to feel the tears and the mangled hearts, and flailing silent tongues.I can’t suggest any specific action because I sure as hell don’t know. But I am going to be petulant and beg that they hurry up to quell the pain of their subjects. Haven’t these people suffered enough, there on the skirts of destruction? Find a solution. But I guess it’s like asking the devil for help and when you do get the help, it does relieve but at what price? What price is this solution that I -and every-bloody-body else – is praying for? Like an idiot, I say, I don’t know. But this I know, it’s not going to sit well with everyone. Is there a way out? I think so. I guess I’m alluding to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but this applies to every war.

I’m a right ray of sunshine, huh? This post didn’t turn out the way I expected, how I intended it to. That title might even drip with sarcasm to canny ears. I couldn’t help it. I’m pissing mad and the thing is it’s probably easy to blame on or two people but ultimately you’re fighting an idea and most ideas like people are complex and everything’s a freaking mess.  I honestly started out in sincere good will. But I’m not going to be at all airy-fairy about this year, I gaze over its approaching horizon with trepidation. Optimism is … a scarce commodity when you’re in certain fixes (but curiously enough, abundant in others) and well we’re all trying, yes?

With all of my heart, I wish each and every one of you a better start, in this continuous long day of our lives. I wanted to break up this tension with cat gif. but I get the distinct impression that it would be somewhat inappropriate. Here’s a nice thought though, it’s going to be the Year of the Sheep, specifically the Green Wood Sheep (source).

Have a good one, guys.

Note: I speculate stuff with my dad at night in front of the telly, other wise I don’t like going about talking about politics. I’m writing this with the experience that people tent to make a mountain out of a molehill: I didn’t say any of this to incite anger or aggression. I wrote it because it was all but bursting from me.



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4 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Devina, your ability to feel other people’s pain appears as remarkable to me, and your empathy exudes a sense of caring and compassion. My question: I feel that you exert yourself a lot, and do you think maybe through exerting yourself you tire yourself out to the point where you might not process all of the world’s woes with logic? I feel like we humans can only do so much, even if we have the capability to carry so much pain for others – and it makes me sad to see you struggling within yourself for external forces outside of your reach.

    How do you feel about 2015 so far, now that a few weeks have passed?

  2. Cheers to you mi querida and here’s to new beginnings and positive thoughts! si? 🙂

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