Reader, I am

You dance the waltz

Of uncertainty

Envisioned citadel

Blown away

Like a house of cards

But like the escapist you are

You found a rabbit hole

Within the brittle husks of trees

Right there solidly in your grasp

With it you smother the fabric of the present

Even for a little while

The lazy exhales of a saxophone

Drowns the pestering flies of noises of reality

In a plane of impossibility,

You find yourself suspended there,

In that unshakable place of strength

A sense of home you create and take with you

Whichever way you roam.

© Devina S.


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5 responses to “Reader, I am

  1. Love how you have so many different sounds and sights in this poem – the rabbit hole, the lazy exhales of the saxophone, and more. Glad to see that you are still writing, Devina!

    • Thanks, Thomas! I often play to old jazz while reading and it just sets this tone and in those moments I feel content with my lot. (you simply must try Django Reinhardt if you haven’t already) Writing, can’t imagine not writing anymore, though I don’t as much as I used to. And sorry for this late response, I’ve just got myself enrolled in for this English course and I’ve been a bit scrambled (will be posting about that later). Glad to hear from you (:

  2. Down the rabbit hole we all go don’t we?

    • I should think so, Andy. Speaking of which, I’ve found myself crawling into a new turn down the burrow. Percy Jackson. I know the readership is generally aimed at, what, ten year olds but pshh, whatever. I am so hooked my dad is concerned since I’ve been reading into the night for the past few days consecutively. Enough about me, how are you faring these days, mi quierdo amigo?

      • I’ve been doing alright mi querida amiga, Thank you! Just been working two jobs back to back so been busy ugh! but otherwise? things are good. You truly do enjoy your books huh! you sure you are eating in between reads? 😉

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