Random stuff time.

Let me tell you a thing, I suck at interaction sometimes and this would mostly apply to blogging and visiting blogs. So when I say I am so grateful for all the visits this here humble virtual abode of mine got in my absence, I mean this with all my heart. I have one or two other excuses, of course. Thank you, gracias, merci, grazie! I can’t imagine why you guys stick around.

I’ve hit some sort of wall that I’m finally scaling at a creeping pace (if that makes sense) and my computer is still acting up even after the check up I got done and I’ve got to start saving up for a new one soon, and apparently I think better, or should say more, when I type as opposed to writing (except for poetry, though).

I’ve been drowning myself in music, more than the usual anyways. I’ve gotten into Radiohead quite a bit, “Body Snatchers” hooked me. Um then I discovered Redbone, The Archies and got an eyeful (haha) earful of “Hang on Sloopy” by The McCoys. Sort of a longish list, really. Also electro swing, ugh, such curvaceous sound waves.

I feel my attention slipping away already and I hate that. I hate that I want to write things but I end up feeling that I don’t follow through. I feel disappointed in my self yet I understand why … but still. I drive myself insane with contradicting tendencies, it almost makes sense.

I want to leave you jazz cats with this TED talk that rubbed me raw with how I could empathize with many, not all, of what Andrew Solomon had so fluently articulated. I know I will have to write more on this in the future. For now I will tell you I broke down at work when I managed to  look at it properly.

I think it’s important to distinguish sadness and grief from depression, as Solomon had touched on. Initially I was a little confused but generally thought that they were interchangeable, but no. I know that I mention often that I get depressed and I have thought about it more recently, I’m convinced that I am. It’s different for different people and mine tends to be sporadic and rarely almost crippling. Of one thing I am sure, music helps. Music heals.

Lastly, my currently reading shelf :

  • On Writing by Stephen King (freaking fantastic)
  • The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson #4) by Rick Riordan (so digging this right now)
  • The Leopard Vanguard by T.A. Uner (historical fiction with magical elements insidiously woven in, slow start but good going)

That’s it for now, I’m about to drop like felled tree for a few hours. Have a good and safe day (or night) everyone. Cheers!




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2 responses to “Booyaa

  1. great post I’m a big Vegas travellerfan from Thailand

  2. Honey, we all go through that sometimes. More often than sometimes even. The apathy, the unwillingness to do/read/interact. Its normal. Dont be harsh on yourself and people who stick around are the ones who probably feel the same too 🙂
    Bu the way, on the note of music. Radiohead, the album “ok computer”. Please find a song called “exit music (for a film)”. So good!

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