Here there be sick people and air benders

There’s this illness going around, chikungunya, and everyone’s got it or is trying to finally shake it off. Mercifully, all I’ve got is a mild flu and that says something. I don’t mean to boast but when there’s some nasty like that around I’m usually the last to get it or not at all. People keep telling me that I’m going to get it. Seriously, like can you not be happy for me?

I’ve been in no mindset whatsoever to blog, hardly to even read your stuff. What makes everything better, or at least to a good extent, is re-watching Avatar: The Last Air Bender, from start to finish, something I’ve never had the chance to to before. I’m currently at the second book, Earth, somewhere around chapter sixteen. It’s by far the best anime I’ve laid eyes on.

I’m picking up A Storm of Swords again as well as The Hobbit. I’ve mainly been reading Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series. I’ve yet to put them on Goodreads. If I have to give a collective rating it would be around 3.5 stars approaching a solid 4 stars, but I have to say it’s not what some people would consider their cup of tea.

I’m in the final stages of registering for an online course, Cert HE English, at the University of London, which is turning out to be somewhat of a nuisance as to where the payment method is concerned. The online route
is a no go *sigh* Sucks really. I’m also very nervous about the studying! The courses seem neat and advanced (duh) and studying mostly on my own is a challenge I need to overcome if I want to be more self reliant because the gods know I need what I can get.

Another thing. I finally got around watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (awesomeness!) but I had to hold up because I’m waiting to see Captain America: Winter Soldier since the two are closely related. I will probably have to wait an unholy long time before I get to watch Guardians of The Galaxy too. Ugh.

Yesterday was a happy day despite the the feeling of sandpaper scraping along the insides of my throat. I introduced a coworker to Vincent Van Gogh. I cried tears of joy all over again as I ran her through various pieces.

The first time I saw his Wheat Field with Cypresses, I was astounded. No other work of art gripped me in the gut and yanked so hard, not even his Starry Night or Almond Blossoms in Bloom. It need not repeating how wonderful it felt to share his life with Ev, who was gaping wide-eyed.

Last but certainly not the least, I am extremely saddened by all the disasters with the airplanes. So much lost. It’s in this grief when people are knitted more close to each other, familiars and strangers. What is pissing me off is all this coverage that the US among the others are so hell bent on blaming Russian separatists. I am not picking sides but I would like to see solid proof before pointing a straight and steady finger.

I pray for the family and the friends of the victims. I’ve come to regularly pray for everyone commuting everywhere. Wherever you are, travel safe, dear readers.

I close with one of the many wise words of Cecil Palmer, our beloved radio host from Night Vale Community Radio.


Be well, dearies.


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2 responses to “Here there be sick people and air benders

  1. Love the quote that you ended the post with! I’m sorry that you’ve been feeling ill and not in the mood to blog much. 😦 However, it’s great that you’ve been catching up on Avatar: The Last Airbender. That show is so fabulous and deserves all its accolades and more. Who are your favorite characters and ships?

    I hope you feel better soon! I appreciate how, in the first picture, the bookmark is situated in a Game of Thrones book. (:

    • Hello, Thomas! To be honest it’s hard to pick favourites with this bunch but if pressed I’d say Aang, Toph and Zuko. Zuko especially because of the development he had undergone from since the beginning till the end is beautifully gradual and that he came to terms that he makes his own path, his own destiny. And seriously he’s just gosh darn cute.

      I’ve been warned about shipping and seeing that’s never stopped me: Aang and Toph, and Zuko and Katara.

      I love that quote, the podcast is full of such wisdom though most are weird but that’s okay. I’m feeling a lot better today, thank you!

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