Define the time

You’re sitting somewhere by yourself. A table at a cafe or your kitchen or on a roof so high up. You think about the movement of time.

You are filled with this vulnerable sensation spreading from your center to all your limbs with the vivid realization you are wide open to anything and everything. It is in no way pleasant.

Your only defense? Pick a path any path. A road to walk with a purpose prominent in your stride or maybe a quiet confidence, knowing you have something in sight. Hold this close, grip it tight.

Yes you, sitting there looking out the window, over the many roof tops. These are the days that will define you. Better yet, seize this realized time and define it.




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6 responses to “Define the time

  1. I like how you incorporate the line “It is in no way pleasant” rather suddenly, and I love how you end this post on an empowering note. We should indeed seize the time we have and define it on our own terms – this post actually connects super well to the one I just published. Nice work here, Devina. (:

  2. Perfect moment of reflection..! 🙂

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