Forgive and forget? Or hate and burn?

Daily PromptDo you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

Forgiveness doesn’t always come easy. One might assign spite or towards another but in turn the giver is the burdened. Not because you let them know you hate them necessarily mean it matters to them. Forgiveness is energy conserved.

Hate, I’ve come to conclude, is fruitless passion. Still, it doesn’t makes forgiving any easier because the want to loathe, the need to hurt can be overpowering. Spite is an all consuming flame. It is much easier on the pride to act in such a manner but then pride is no promise of a lighter soul. Then ‘easy’ itself is no guarantee of happiness at the end of the day.

The above is on a much more extreme scale of things. Perhaps someone has hurt you by betraying your trust, you’ve lost faith in him/her and refuse to associate with them. You can choose to keep hurting from a cut, a cut you allowed to fester. It’s not healthy, hatred is easy to stick.

The burn is not worth it, one can become bitter and hopeless. Instead, let bygones be bygones. Channel the searing emotions elsewhere, do something constructive with it or vent on a punching bag, or run, whatever. I try to consciously remind myself of this in heated situations. While it comes very reluctantly, forgiveness is worth it in the end.

Anyway, here’s a video of Hall&Oats getting stoned. I find it … calming, hehe.



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9 responses to “Forgive and forget? Or hate and burn?

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  2. As they say. “Act everyday like you have never been hurt. That way, the police will not suspect you when the poison sets in.” 🙂

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  5. Well said querida amiga, so well said 🙂

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