Welcome … to Night Vale

ANOTHER FANDOM JOINED! In other news … Haha, some of you will fail to be surprised. In all truth I began listening to this podcast since the beginning of the year and perhaps regular lurkers would guessed if they have noticed my background that’s been on for about a month and a half now. Have you ever heard of it? No? *gasps* Now, I’m am not one to aggressively attempt to induct the uninitiated  … but, like, seriously Check This Out! Night Vale in a few words: weird, creepy, L-O-L hilarious especially if  you’ve got a dark sense of humour, uplifting and philosophical.

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I am incapable of conveying what WTNV is about so as per usual I will quote somebody.

That calm, soothing voice communicates everything you need to know about the weirdest little town in the middle of nowhere. The words greet listeners in the first episode Welcome to Night Vale, a bi-weekly podcast created by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor.

The podcast presents a fictional radio broadcast from the desert town of Night Vale, emceed by its most popular radio host, Cecil Baldwin. Cecil discusses the daily occurrences of the town: news from the forbidden dog park, a new revelation from Old Woman Josie and her angels, or the mayoral race between The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home (played by Mara Wilson) and the five-headed dragon fugitive Hiram McDaniels (played by Jackson Publick).

The show is currently second on iTunes’ list of top podcasts and has amassed a huge following on Tumblr.

Sara Roncero-Menendez, Mashable.com

Smash the link to read more. I had no idea how weird I can be until listening to Cecil’s dulcet tones enunciating the impossible and the impossibility of existence (or his anyway).

A few reasons why I appreciate (a more mild alternative of wild adoration) WTNV in no particular order:

  • The fact that Wednesdays in Night Vale can be canceled.
  • That school can also be canceled for who knows how long for the reason that nothing really matters.
  • Cecil’s crush on Scientist Carlos. Eeeep 😀
  • It celebrates the unconventional, the impossible. Twists little facets of reality as we know it in almost imperceptible ways, a re-imagining. The imagination that it takes to create and develop the Night Vale world is fantastic.
  • Anything can happen.
  • Cecil.

So, okay, now I’m going to spam you with Night Vale fanart!

All of these and much more can be found here.

If you’re interested, you can listen on iTunes, but I find it more preferable to use the Podbay app or on  podbay.fm Here’s some clarification before you get confused, the fictional radio host’s name is Cecil Gersham-Palmer and whose voice belongs to Cecil Baldwin (an actual person). Oh, there’s loads more to hear and you know what to do 😉




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2 responses to “Welcome … to Night Vale

  1. Interesting! It sounds like an occult news from lake woebegone.

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