Most times, you…

Most times, you are all that you really need. You are a whole world on your own, it’s that sometimes you need someone to share it with.

Do you know ho often I actually get to write this stuff? Not as much as I’d like. I’m always too far from writing materials and a computer with Internet or I’m too busy with personal hygiene. Hell, as I type this my mouth is full of toothpaste. I don’t mean to overshadow the above mind-gold but I had to impress upon you how rare it is that I get to blog about these nice little oreos I come up with.

You are magnificent, and you know what? So am I. How often have you said that to yourself? Probably not enough.

Rock on.

D, a reflective jellybean.



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2 responses to “Most times, you…

  1. Dental hygiene is important. Don’t let us get in the way.

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