Ladies and gents, I’ve entered yet another fandom

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I’m halfway through season one and have been taking it easy. I mean look at Merlin, all cute and rebellious and so so sassy. He gets into trouble and then I hold on tight and force myself to keep my eyes open to see things crash in front of him. Never mind that he manages to get off somehow, it’s painful to see stuff blow up in his face. I’m currently at ‘Lancelot’ and if you’ve seen that one, you’ll know the extent of trouble he could be in for.

Arthur might be a royal pain in the ass but I can understand why he sometimes act the way he does. He’s brave and noble and is feeling the weight of his responsibilities getting heavier by the day. Knowing what’s right and then going about to actually doing what is right is not as simple as I might have once thought. There are so many rules and customs, some unfair. It’s not easy being king. But seriously, he can be an ass.

I see that I’m in for one heck of a ride and everything’s just barely starting where I am. I know I’ll certainly cry but I will still watch this until the last episode. You can’t give up on things because they make you feel horrible, I suppose in the little ways these fictional worlds do teach us lessons applicable to reality. Like any retelling, the myth has been twisted into another mold, an interesting one, this.

Personally, the best thing to see is Merlin’s and Arthur’s relationship develop, it’s such a lovely thing to witness in a world so rife of evil, and it reminds me that there’s always good around to combat that threat. Optimistic? Why is it that some people prefer to hold on to the negative view on life, in their eyes it not might not be a happy-happy place to be but it doesn’t mean that black take on life is any more true. I’m not delusional either, I try to remember to take a satchel of salt wherever I go.

Alrightie then, folks. Have a pleasant day and be safe. And watch Merlin!



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8 responses to “Ladies and gents, I’ve entered yet another fandom

  1. Daphnee @ Evil nymph blog used to watch this a LOT too 😉

  2. Zia

    OMG! I loved Merlin! Though I’m not giving anything away, I personally didn’t like the ending! I was so disappointed. Let me know what you think of it! 🙂

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