I’m both alive AND sane. Can you believe it?

I’ve been a few hours almost straight on the computer watching the missing Doctor Who specials from 2009, that’s technically before and a bit after Matt Smith. Wibbly wobbly time whimy. I had to scour the Internet for these three episodes, one of which I had to watch in FOUR different parts. Two words: ‘effin buffering.

So, you see, after the technically last episode of season 4, The Next Doctor, I jumped right into the fifth series with a brand spankin’ new doctor. I was like: what the fecking french-fries? David? What happened, mate? How did you regenerate into Matt? Was it because I blinked?

After a brief info request I was informed that there were three episodes that aren’t included in the Netflix collection. It was like jumping from Cyber King to fish fingers in custard! Eek, no seriously, eck.

I paused often between episodes to make mental fan fiction (i.e, I didn’t write anything down. I don’t ever record those). It was emotionally staggering. How can I feel so much for a show? There’s lot of reasons I’ve got that they’re still forming as I type. But I have this headache and mam’s calling for dinner and I have to go and cry after that. I’m a busy woman.

I miss David. It just hurts. He’ll always be my most favourite portrayal of the Doctor. Not my favourite Doctor. It does well for one to remember that he’s essentially one man. Just looks different and is displaying another aspect of his bursting personality. He is so much that with every regeneration another part of him, a dormant part now having a chance to manifest, gets a go. But it’s him all along.

But in all honesty, Matt is brilliant too. David … David was … brilliant in his own way and I miss that terribly. I’ll meet him again in The Day of The Doctor though that’s going to be a few more seasons more to go. TWO Doctors! Awesome possum! So until then,

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2 thoughts on “I’m both alive AND sane. Can you believe it?

  1. Every time you write a blog post about Doctor Who I feel more and more inclined to check the show out myself! I’m sorry that buffering slowed down your enjoyment of the show, but I think making mental fanfiction is always worth it. (:

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