The Chocolate Thief (Amour et Chocolat #1) by Laura Florand

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Rated: 4 stars             Recommends it to: Chocolate lovers, those interested in Paris, romance enthusiasts.

Note: This is my first review for the year, and I’m once again participating in The Mad Reviewer’s reviewing challenge. Check it.

GR blurb

The Parisian sorcerer of artisan chocolate, handsome Frenchman Sylvain Marquis, and the American empress of chocolate bars, Cade Corey, play a decadent game of seduction and subterfuge that causes them both to melt with desire.

Personally, I think this snippet is a tad misleading. It’s not your typical romance with a lot of those scenes. You know what I’m talking about, and even those aren’t explicit, it’s more emotional than physical if anything.

My review

 Sweet. That’s this book in one word. The cream is in the gradual shift in Sylvain and Cade’s relationship. And the conflict too. Oh yes, when these two decide to have a go they go at it. I liked how Florand translated the passion of the craft of chocolate making. They both have that passion but are on different wavelengths but the same intensity.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a woman that I like Sylvian more. It ‘s just that I feel he has more texture and complexity as a character compared to Cade, that’s not to say she’s not interesting. No, Cade’s got the brass to go and break in to Sylvian Marquis’ lair of secrets, tenacity right there.

  These two people with the one desire for all that’s sweet and delectable, they’re different in so many ways. She was born into a fortune and felt from a tender age the responsibility that comes along with it. This excursion to Paris is her little get away to pursue a burgeoning dream, one of her own, gourmet chocolat. Cade is all for the sentimentality of chocolate as well as the business aspect, yes. She’s like the ‘chocolate for all’ sort, making it available to the masses.

Sylvain, on the other hand, had worked his way out of poverty and learned from scratch the mysteries of this art. He’s made a name for himself in Paris and he’ll be damned if some brat American would take what was his. Chocolate was to be savored, he put’s his all into its making, that’s why he’s one of the best. He sees no appeal what-so-ever in commercial distribution of his life’s work, nonsense. The magic would be lost.

I loved that, in that respect, he didn’t give an inch to Cade but that otherwise they found a firm footing with each other. With him, she … I suppose she gained a perspective that enabled her to made that drastic step, and wasn’t Sylvain charmed. For him, he’s never exactly shied away from the prospect of finding love that lasts despite his past, his search has come to an end now and he’s met his match. He didn’t give up, so he got what he’s always wanted. They discovered each other.

I like how the bits and pieces of Paris appeared before me with such ease, especially the river part where Cade took care of that slimy bit  of work, the Seine I think. I can’t find any fault worth the mention with either of them, they were very human in their wants and needs.

I want to go see Paris. *sighs*



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  3. I love this review! This book looks so delicious, I’ll have to check it out. I have a literary review blog, and I love all things Paris. Keep writing!

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