A long story short

via Sherlockology.com
via Sherlockology.com

I missed Sherlock Season three premiere on New Year’s day. Oh the horrors! What can I say other than I wasn’t prepared like most folks on tumblr. I didn’t take into account of the time difference and couldn’t for the life of me have found a proper live stream. Until now. Well, not a live stream, just a record the the WHOLE episode! *fangirl squeal*

Sooo till I’ve finished watching I can then finally return to my tumblr without fear of stumbling across the much dreaded spoilers. Hmm, I wonder how long does Netflix wait until they add recent episodes. The site I’m on is a bit dodgy but it works, my connection is failing me and I have to wait for it to get its act together. At least I’m past the half way mark.

Sherlock’s in for quite a shock as he discovers that life adjusted without him and well, John’s passive aggressiveness (and the weight of pointless grief) takes a bit of a holiday. Let’s just say Sherlock was the first to find out.

So here’s the message to those people around me:

seriouslySo if anyone is interested, this is the link I’m using: http://www.putlocker.com/file/7F2800DAEFC5A6BC#

Select ‘Continue as free user’ and on the following page click play on the larger window. That should do it.



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  1. Here in the US we get to watch it on PBS on the 19th. I have been eagerly awaiting this. Think I will hold off watching it till I can sit and thoroughly immerse myself in it. All i can say is also about time it is back! Hope you enjoyed it! happy 2014

  2. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I’ve been going crazy because s3 doesn’t premiere in the US until the 19th, so I’ve been trying my hardest to stay off of tumblr. I plan to watch this today. 😀

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