Post-Chrismas happenings

I’ve got half a hundred depressing and deep thoughts swirling around in a haze, none willing to manifest in words. I’m not going to even bother, they’re as stubborn as me.

Just now, we finally got Netflix on line (please, please don’t ask why only now. It’s a complicated story) and I was hyper as a puppy and I might follow Jennifer Lawrence’s excited impulse to pee but I have some visage of restraint. Or I’d like to pretend that I do.

I was spinning in to a diz and squealing as quietly as I could since dad recently returned from the fields. Tim, my sister, is rolling her eyes and suppressing a smile in accustomed annoyance of my antics.

I don’t mind it one bit. I want her to remember me as that, the half insane older sister who likes to pinch her cheeks and tackle her with random hugs.

But guess what? (I do hope you haven’t peeked at the tags yet)

Come on, now.


Did you guess yet?

Two words.

Doctor. Who.

via my Pinterest board, ‘Geek’. Click to see the lot.

I’m watching from ‘Rose’ and onwards! I can contemplate on how the world is churning itself into disorder, with all the natural and man made disasters, disagree with you with the apparent ‘wrongness’ of gay marriage and what’s not. I can engage you in discussion of all sorts of human cruelty if you’d like, but time can be better spent. And I like the simple things, like reading a book and holing up watching tele. I haven’t got many friends that could come over so I’m used to my own company and it’s fine. I’m lucky enough to own a box to watch The Doctor on, in this case a computer, so why not take advantage.

I have absolutely no clue as to why I’m rambling on like this but it seem as if I’m not quite finished yet. Where it’s snowing a fury up in the northern hemisphere, down in the tropics here it’s been raining cats, dogs and even a bakers dozen in sheep. This is ideal time to disappear with a Harry Potter tomb but seeing that I’ve flipped into The Order of the Phoenix 3 AM this morning, I’m thinking that will suffice.

I’m returning to Number Nine now. But let me ask: do you know what it’s like to finally dig into such a masterpiece of science fiction known across the continents and revered by dedicated nerds/geeks for half a century marked only last month? Well, do you? Perhaps, and then again you might not but let me tell you it is an awesome sensation, I’m on my way to become a full blooded Whovian, or since I’m not going back to the old ones as yet, a half blooded one! Did you see what I just did?

Anywho (hehehe), have a good evening/morning/day where ever you are.

via Pinterest



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13 responses to “Post-Chrismas happenings

  1. I agree with Chatty Owl. This blog is a refreshing change from the common boring today this & this happened. It’s somewhat relatable and very humorous and adorable.

    I’m new around here and I do not have many friends (none at all, actually) and I hope we can become friends!

    I followed your blog.

    • Well, it’s pleased I am that you think so. I try to put my everyday happenings in whenever I can but emphasize on the little quirks that brighten those days up, it’s important to recognize those.

      Thanks for following, I’ll be hopping by over to yours in a bit. Cheers!

  2. I read your blog’s name and the nest thing i did was pressing the follow button 😀 I love its name … Your writings are simply amazing. Love this one too. Happy Xmas and a very wonderful new year 🙂 Much love xx

  3. You are one of the loveliest and sweetest geeks ever 🙂

  4. I wish I could hop on the bandwagon too.. though it somehow never appealed to me. I shall remain a muggle to that fandom.

  5. lol to each their own way to enjoy Xmas 😉

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