Picture it and Write!: Escape

Here’s my bit for this week’s Picture it and Write!

via Ermilia Blog

Drip drip drip.

I felt my eyes slowly open, not that it did any good. Empty blackness engulfed me. I haven’t seen light since I was let out the last time … a good time ago. I was glad all the same, didn’t see that woman again. The dungeon was a classic stone affair with iron in the walls, no windows, and no openings except for the massive door. That made the dripping sounds even more curious. My nose told me nothing other than my filthy state. Oh, but God was it freezing in here.

When I do close my eyes I see her. That woman, so beautiful and tall. It wasn’t long before I saw the cruelty beneath. I remembered when she touched me, I felt the my life being sucked away all the while I saw the fine creases on her face being smoothed out of existence, her body gleaming with health. When they shoved me in this hell hole I’d felt so weak, and so old.

Footsteps. A pause. Then the heavy deadbolt groaned and keys jingled.

I’d thought myself numb of emotion, but my shivering from the cold turned into a violent shuddering punctured with uneven gasps and had everything to do with being scared out of my wits. I curled into myself, anticipating a blow. What will they do to me now? I’ve been beaten once because I dared resisted, and those bruises were still sensitive. Voices in the shadows shouted harsh sounding words in some language unknown to me.

Ah! I was blinded with the rush of light that followed the huge shadow. He just stood there, not saying anything at all. His steady breathing was a soothing sound, such an alien thing to the abyss. My eyes focused on him now. His stance and profile told me he wasn’t a guard, and though he wasn’t dressed like one he had the air of a soldier if he wasn’t an mercenary. No, a soldier because I couldn’t imagine what a merc would be doing here.

He began to walk towards me. A stiffness claimed my limbs andI couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I could see his face clearly now as the light slanted to wash his face. Such a handsome one too. Dark eyes, they seem to be a shade of blue. Sharp features, I couldn’t think beyond that. His expression changed, he looked … shocked. He broke out rapid-fire in that same tongue I couldn’t understand.

“I … don’t …,” I managed to croak. My throat was parched. In a moment he was before me, one knee on the dank stone, extending an arm. What ..? Then I felt something nudge my cracked lips, my head tilted back. I nearly cried when the water began flowing into my mouth, I found that I had some pride left. He withdrew the flask when I couldn’t take anymore.

“Now,” he said, “Who are you?”

“Ro. I am Ro from the Rainwood Forest . Who are you?” I had a feeling he wasn’t here to hurt me after all.

“Ro, I’m no one you need to fear. You must be quiet,” he whispered urgently. “I suspected as much but I never imagined …” he muttered more to himself. He moved to lift me up when we head a pair of footsteps approaching, fast. Straightening with lightening speed he appeared at the doorway, his face a hard uncompromising mask.

A slender hand snaked around his chest from behind, fingers tipped in blood red. It was her, the Mistress of this castle. I knew what she was using me for and those hands that leached my vitality were caressing this dark angel. I plastered myself to the wall, hate potent in my veins.

“Dimitri, my sweet. What ever are you doing here?” came her soft innocent voice.

“I heard voices, milady. I came to investigate,” his calm reply. I was grateful that I could follow the conversation.

“Ah, but the dungeon is full with vermin, many out of their minds.” Her claws now brushed his face, running over the few days stubble that covered his tense jaw. “Come, let us seek more favorable surroundings … and company,” she glanced down at me with a mocking sneer on those luscious lips.

“As you wish,” he said, still looking at me he winked. I remained still. He turned and gave a shallow bow to her and waited until she sashayed away.

“Catch,” I heard him say. Instinctively, my hand shot out and closed around a sheathed dagger with a painted over black hilt. My lips curved. I spoke fluently in steel. “Three hours. Stay on guard. Princess.”

My gaze lifted sharply to his. Dimitri smiled faintly, nodded, and the door shut with a loud bang. She must trust him, to let him lock up after her. He knows of my lineage or thinks he does. I don’t want to make the same mistake but he’s all that I’ve got going for me. Milady was so arrogant to think me utterly weak to leave me unchained, she’ll soon pay for it. I unfolded my stiff limbs and began to warm up these unused muscles. That wasn’t just any water and she was a dead bitch walking.


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9 responses to “Picture it and Write!: Escape

  1. Excellent piece. Very well written.

  2. That last line packed a punch. The change in character motivation and emotions was interesting. I’ve always loved the name Dimitri. Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write, Devina! 🙂

    – Ermisenda

    • I wanted to show how much a single ray of hope can work magic, how much the thought of a new possibility can change the mindset. Me too, and I figured it was a badass name so I gave it to this guy, who looks promising (if I do say so myself). It’s always a pleasure, Ermisenda 😉

  3. WOO! I likey! there’s fire in mi amiga’s words here 😉

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