‘Tis Movember, ladies and gents.

This piece is by Katy Hudson Illutration
This piece is by Katy Hudson Illutration, click to see original
Image, sadly removed for copyright avoidance purposes.

I understand Movember is a moustache growing charity event held to raise awareness as well as funds for men’s health. That’s so awesome. Personally, I think women’s health have been greatly supported particularly in the media more than that of the dudes. No problems with that, all I’m saying is that both are equally important …

Oh flippy skippy, what I’m really trying to get at is that I’ve noticed my own lip hat has been more obstinate and noticeable of late, as if it is rallying in support to it’s male brethren. I’m on the fence on whether I should be proud or annoyed. Normally I’d be tolerant of it’s presence in the name of natural beauty, because let’s face it, little downy bristle on a woman is hawt.

The tolerance extends to the reason of plain laziness and indifference. Then there are those days when eviction of the utterly blameless strands are carried out with a merciless swift and decisive hand. I wish I gave less of a damn, hair shouldn’t be a big deal.

Lady-stache don’t care, it’s Movember, you hear?


7 thoughts on “‘Tis Movember, ladies and gents.

    • I know! And my mom have those too, I’m the royal chin plucker with my silver tweezers in hand. By the time I get to twenty five I expect I’d grow out a decent mustache of my own. Why, Lorna? Aren’t the monthly battles waged enough? The universe’s way of laughing at woman kind, hmmph.

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