I remain awake to see the first light of day,

To peep silently, my face upraised, seeking blessing 

Of the soft lavender glow that bathes the land

The dawn chases the tired shadows of the night

As the spearing rays gently tuck away

The loitering stars that still remain, 

I breathe in the freshness of a day reborn

Feel my soul rejoice at the momentary peace

Let the birds shower my ears with sweet conversation

I turn to settle down on my bed of feathers and dreams

While the yawning, stretching world outside

Rises up to face the challenge of another day

A second chance of sorts, a debt to repay

© Devina S.


One thought on “Rise

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  1. Question though. Why not write poetry in Spanish? I don’t write Chinese poems anymore simply because I have written too many of them. Besides, the interest in poetry in China was lost about 500 years ago, or perhaps even 800 years ago. However, lots of South Americans in Canada still love poetry though, at least from my high school experience here.

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