I’ve got a date with Maths on Wednesday. Gah!

Paper 1 on Wednesday. If I haven’t ranted here already about it, shake that subject and myself together and you get a freaking zoinky colloidal substance. When I get a concept in my head it just doesn’t stick well with me for too long. That’s problem 1. Problem 2 entails me not having a proper instructor, none at all right now actually. For the most part I regret taking it this year. Mrs. M (my principal), if you’re reading this (and there is a decent possibility of that since she blogs here occasionally) I think it’s only fair that I vent my frustration and this is only mild, you know that. Blaze me the next time, ma’am.

I’ve asked my tutor from high school if she could assist me in any way that she can since this was above her level of teaching. I extremely appreciate it. Also, I would like to thank YouTubers who have taken it upon themselves to share their knowledge on the intricacies of the course. I think I’ve hit the jackpot this afternoon after discovering Exam Solutions via the YT channel ES, arigato dude, because thank you in English is simply not enough.

I’m so happy right now but you might not notice with the jumping and frantic hand gestures!

But Wednesday is not that far away so I have to beat it!

Cheerios 😉



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2 responses to “I’ve got a date with Maths on Wednesday. Gah!

  1. Good luck, good luck with maths. I never liked the subject but when I understood something I loved it.

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