Grains of time

Wow! Holding a sand castle on your hand

via Fun Photo Mania (click to see)

Nights spilled into days

And the days would slosh,

Quick and messy against each other

My thoughts, helplessly dispersed among them

The bits of the shipwreck left of my consciousness

Floating aimlessly out at sea


And there is a creeping panic within me

Often skimming along my spine

With cold fingers of dread

The menacing prospect of stagnation

And the possibility of failure


Time keeps its ledger in rigid order

Clean brief strokes of precious seconds

Never to be recalled

Each second, a grain of heavy sand

Building upon the others,

A castle of my life,

Of my past, my decisions

Of my actions, my inactions

Of my hesitant existence


Whether in the end, that it may crumble

Only to be washed away, like the many turrets had,

Or that it may tower over my mistakes,

Depends on how I spend and place

The grains of sand

That I now hold loosely

In my hands

© Devina S.



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9 responses to “Grains of time

  1. It’s very well written, describing you standing at the beach, picturing a storm day and night, like a nightmare coming down your spine, exams and school, your everything and your castle in your present life, which always feel out of control, slipping through your fingers that fail to grip them. I wish you all the best. It’s already a poem, so I don’t feel like altering any word in it.

    • I like the fact that you can’t even relax at the beach. Doesn’t that describe how you were really into your poem when you wrote it? It’s like you were out of yourself somehow.

  2. Very nice metaphor! Good piece!

  3. Such a beautiful visual and descriptive writing. Wow. Loved the lines of “nights spilled into days and the days would slosh”… My favourite part.
    You are so good, my dear.

  4. scribbleglitch

    I really enjoyed this! Thank you.

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