Brief respite from haitus (and a Sherlockian gush)

Hi everyone. First off, I would like to express my utmost surprise – and gratitude – to find that after having been MIA in over a month I’ve gotten myself some new followers! I can’t explain how but I’m very happy.

Well, in my absence I’ve joined a new fandom. *Drumroll*

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via Click on photo to see original page.

SHERLOCK! I found the first mention of the show on Tumbler (surprise surprise). So I went on my friend’s Netflix and checked it out. Three episodes in the first season. Three in the second. There are only TWO seasons as of now, the third one being anxiously awaited by fellow fanatics, we call ourselves Sherlockians. I like it.

What amazes me is that in only six blinking episodes I find myself hooked very emotionally to this remarkable show. Reeled in by Sherlock’s impressive intelligence and unabashed arrogance in combination with John’s more down to earth demeanor. I simply love them both, yes yes, I like Mycroft too. Before, while checking Sherlock out from a distance (the show, not the man!), I was a bit skeptical, the fangirls on Tumbler were in a rage about it so I said why the hell not. Friends, I was not disappointed.

Like with most things, I find it difficult to describe how … why I feel the way I do when I lock myself up in my shared room. My eyes glued to the computer screen, lint to static, and hanging on to every word, every action or inaction, trying in vain to spot the chinks in the suspect’s armor before Sherlock does. Well, he’d say I’m pathetic and funnily enough I’d agree.

I think John compliments his personality, like a yin and yang kind of thing. Sherlock does what he does just for the heck of it, the thrill of the chase, the mystery with the firm belief that he could absolutely crack it. If he’s bored the wall bears the brunt of the torment. He’s not really one for sentiment so most times sometimes he can be rather apathetic so John would be the one to rib him to have some manners. I also appreciate the relationship the have with their sweet old landlady, Mrs. Hudson.

The last season closed with a bang alright and it’s got our minds in a whirl. I can’t reveal much but it’s unfortunate that I’ve heard of it before I looked. Two words: tear jerker. The arch-nemesis Moriarty, hmmm, five words: freaky little ball of hate. But hell, Andrew Scott did a splendid job of his portrayal. He’s a villain you’d find it easy to laugh with and dangerously, can unknowingly come to like if you’re not careful, simply he’s charismatic when he wants to be. But I hate the rat bastard, as all Sherlockians do.

CBS has it’s own version of our favourite consulting detective, Elementary, but it’s not as nearly interesting as the BBC production. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are absolutely a force as compared to Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, oh they’re good but not by much. There’s a certain validity of having the real British element to it.

Ahhh, that should be it for the moment. Oops, did I mention I’m also now a Hiddlestoner too? Tom Hiddleston will unknowingly nuke your ovaries with his brilliant boyish smile *sigh* Nah, I’m not that infatuated but I have to admire the humility in the man, not to mention his words of wisdom. I’m not posting those right now or else I’m not going to get anything done!

Thank you all for reading, cheers 🙂


5 thoughts on “Brief respite from haitus (and a Sherlockian gush)

  1. It was a brilliant series! And the reason they cast Benedict in the new Star Trek Movie. I loved the Scandal in Belgravia The woman rules!!!!
    Glad to have you back.

    • Hullo, Joe! I’m going to be a little picky with your use of the word “was”. You see there was this rumour wafting about that there would be no third season, fortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. Man, I effing love Scandal in Belgravia! The Woman rocks. I enjoyed Sherlock passively squirming, probably too much.
      I’ve heard of Star Trek before but this time I’m seriously considering watching it. As for being back, I’ll be like a ninja; silently and stealthily observing (when I can) and only detectable when I want to be. Or something like that. Life sucks more than usual at the moment and is taking up too much time. It’s, what, noon over there? Hope you’re havin’ a reasonable day 😉

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