Soul food, regrets, disjointed thoughts

Beethoven Symphony No. 3 – Full Length – Complete 3rd Symphony. Max McBride conducting Sydney Youth Orchestra

This morning I was searching for a list of music played in that 2009 movie, The Soloist, starring Robert Downy Jr. and Jamie Foxx. I’m still reeling from it, there’s till so much to think about. There were three factors that made me watch it: the cello, Beethoven and RDJ. No regrets. I want to ask something of you, my anonymous friend, listen to the music. Not the whole thing if you don’t want to but just a few minutes. Let it sink into you, let it soothe you to peace.

This piece … it blew me away, not only how skillfully this remarkable orchestra brought to life but by the fact that this band of musicians consisted mostly, or should I say, entirely of youths whose passion was obvious in the way they lovingly held their instruments out of whom they coaxed magic. There are those who say classical music is a waning art, I’m not entirely sure anymore because this is inspiring. Beethoven must be smiling in contentment somewhere. Chicken soup for the soul.

It drove me to tears.

  • A few random things:
  1. I’m not ashamed to admit that I cry, at the beauty of things and the tragedy in life. Even at stupid things. Except when I’m pissed and upset, that’s when I’d least like people to see my shed brine.
  2. I usually have a string of unrelated ideas and teeny tiny grains of wisdom at my disposal for as long as my brain deigns to remember them. I put posting these off to publish individually, and given my procrastinator streak that means you will see them come Neverurary. Hence, this conglomerate of mental notes.
  3. A screw driver is always a handy thing to have in one’s purse.

Regretting mistakes

I don’t think we should regret our mistakes for too long. Just long enough to try to find out where we went wrong, letting go begins with knowing you can do better next time. We’ll have to live with those slip-ups, no two ways about it, so we might as well make a lesson out of them; it’s the spilt milk we keep hearing of. Our mistakes, they don’t define us, they teach us to improve if we face up to the challenge. They’d changes us for the best if we let them. While we’re at it, try to observe the obstacles others face with a wary eye, they could be yours or mine tomorrow.

Now this is a mistake (swearword below)

via Pinterest

 I extend my apologies to fangirls (admittedly halfhearted). The days to exams are drawing ever so closer and I think I’m doing well at shaking the stress. I’ll be okay. Some things don’t seem threatening the longer you take the time to think about them. Thank you for sharing your time with me, ladies and gentle men, I raise a mug to you!



5 thoughts on “Soul food, regrets, disjointed thoughts

  1. That picture of the Biebs was too funny! And I loved the Soloist. I, too, unashamedly cry when things move me–emotions overwhelm me and I just cry along with strangers. Empathy isn’t much appreciated in our culture.

    • I always find the Biebster funny when he’s not annoying 😀 That’s true. I think many still see tearing up as a sign of weakness or something, not counting when something really horrifying happens. I’ve never been to a movie theater before, the feelings running high like in such a film must be really something. In my house, I’m usually the only one you’d catch crying at an emotional movie.

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