Essence in a jar

This is for the current photo up for Ermilia Blog’s Picture it and Write! This time I wanted to try out something new; to write a story in fifty words, a challenge I thoroughly enjoyed! I borrowed this format from Vincent Mars, over at Boy with a Hat, who happens to be one of the most impressive writers I’ve had the luck to come across in this great blogosphere. I do recommend you pay him a visit!

via Ermilia Blog
via Ermilia Blog

I fetched my ‘conch’ jar, as I often do, to collect the refreshing salty breeze for those humid days. My little secret, I wait in anticipation while watching the sunset breathe. My eyes flicker downward, not only the wind it seems, but the colours and emotions; the essence of life.


9 thoughts on “Essence in a jar

  1. I don’t know about the sunset, but the beach makes me feel what you’ve written here…as if it’s all just a part of me. The wind, the colors, the tide… nicely captured.

    • I’ve seen this very photo before in passing but never imagined I’d be writing anything about it at all, in a way it strikes me as funny. I’ve never had anything of mine described as ‘breathtaking’ before and I’m very happy that you found it so! Thanks for visiting, Lorna 🙂

  2. Great writing, Devina! I agree with the above commenter that it can be hard to express a solid idea with so few words, but you pulled it off wonderfully.

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