Takes me back …

Music is to the ears as books are to the eyes; a pleasing trickle, a stimuli. Both affect the mind, and the place where they converge is a spark of magic amidst the tangles of neurons and soggy grey matter; fertile soil where the seeds of learning and inspiration not only grows but flourishes.

I got this brain wave while listening to Patience by AnZan at a gentle volume at 2 AM while reviewing maths for class later that day. Though I’m sure I haven’t heard it way back then, it reminds me of a clear moonlit night in the Hundred Acre Wood way deep in the dusty attic of my memory. Thinking back now, this song post dated the show. A friend told me the song reminds her of Christmas, I’m perfectly happy to claim my one as my own.

Let me tell you some more about that early morning breather. The crickets were chirping a soft and steady lullaby close by a stream, I could hear the water tricking down and away. My mind conjures a picture of Pooh Bear and Piglet stretched on their backs counting the stars, sometimes silently but often aloud, as a distant song of a flute sings the land to sleep. I feel the the cool, crisp breeze. I hear is whisper in a long breath, combing through the trees, touching me somehow as tendrils of my hear is caught in an imaginary wind.

Not entirely certain this was actually a scene in the show, I’m more convinced that I made it up. This is a gift, this made up memory or rather inspired daydream. It centers me, calms and tries to root me somewhere in ‘the now’, my then present, yet it lets me drift off for a bit. Much like a fishing rod, my imagination is the bob, the line is the leash, the reel is my precious control. I get to go here and there but not too far.

Not unlike a lot of people, music plays an important part in my life. It’s this stabilizer when things get rough and just like with books I could get lost in it for a while and come out at least a bit better than I was before. Speaking of books, I’m too scared to pick up one (those that aren’t school related) because I might to put it down or concentrate on anything else until I finish it.

It’s been an edgy past month for me for a few reasons. I’m coming to grips with more self reliance. I know that eventually I’ll be on my own and I’ll have to be the one to push myself to do better and keep on track, but knowing isn’t exactly the same as the getting around to doing part. Oh well, so it goes, no biggie πŸ˜‰ I hope you all had a reasonably productive week, here’s to a much better on starting today. Cheers!


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4 responses to “Takes me back …

  1. Devina, I’m glad that music stimulates your mind and I wish you well on all of your hard work, especially becoming more self reliant. Great song!

  2. Music lifts my spirits, too. I really admire the music-makers of the world!

    Hang in there. Hope the edginess goes away. Maybe a good book will help? πŸ˜‰

    • They more like magic makers! I will, Lorna, count on it because it’s going to take much more than this to keep me from giving up, or so I believe. Actually … I gave in to temptation, I’ve devoured two books in a week and I feel a little bit guilty πŸ™‚

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