Dear Me: the procrastinator

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Prompted June 25, 2013
Write a letter to the personality trait you like least, convincing it to shape up or ship out. Be as threatening, theatrical, or thoroughly charming as is necessary to get the job done.

There will be some lightweight swearing, but it is swearing nonetheless so I want to let you know before you read this because people can be offended. I don’t normally use such language but I felt it necessary to get my point across even when it’s a letter to myself.



Dear me,

I know you have a lot to say and can do so much but it’s one thing to say something and a completely different thing about the doing part. We can’t go on like this, girlfriend, so we have to work on this because you are ruining what chances I have out there, to be what I want, or hell, even what I believe I have to be (and there are distinct differences between the two). Yes, I understand when the distractions close in on you it’s a bitch to get away from but if other people can get past temptation why not you? Yeah yeah “easier said …” but shit, nothing worth the while is ever easy.

I know what you see in your head, the things you want to have, the things you need, places you want to go and the people you want to meet … you’ve got to work for it and it can’t happen when you fool around, moping and go on feeling that you have the world of time in your hands. You know that the ”free” time is a false reassurance because you don’t do anything with it and eventually it runs out like a last life line on Mario. Then it hits you that you’re screwed because you’re trapped between two huge green flower boxes and then a legion a ugly evil mushrooms are coming for blood on both sides and you’re too depressed to stomp on them.

You daydream way too much. How are the castles in the air going to save you when the time comes? How much longer are your parents going to look after you? Of course they love you but you have to get moving, get busy, quit slacking on your studies because that’s what’s going to make you. We have to stand on our own two feet sooner or later. Education it the real deal girlie and yours is not cheap so make your dad’s money count for something, and it would certainly not do if you disappoint him after all he’s done.

If you can’t fight this procrastination you will be worthless, useless and a frigging waste of valuable space because if you can’t get things done in time properly you will serve no purpose and suicide’s mostly for cowards. Are you such a coward? Are you ready to give up on the people who invested on us our entire lives? Are you going to throw away 19 years of good life for nothing when there are people out there who are fighting with every breath for a second chance? Of course not. I hate the very idea, so naturally, you will too because basically you are me.

You need to shake this fecking habit and fast. You’ve got bills to sort and June’s to enter still and it’s already July. Jump on it or go feck yourself because you’ll be done for anyways.



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Too harsh on myself? Sometimes we have to be like that, or so I think. I can be better, believing is not enough though, action is. I didn’t want to publish this public originally, it felt too personal but I though, what the hell, maybe someone needs to read this too. Also, I haven’t been around for almost two weeks, I’m tired most of the time, more days added to my school week, work every afternoon and I’m constantly subdued by this overwhelmingly empty feeling and I just push the laptop away, what have I to offer from this darkened state?

So, yeah, I’ll try to write more. I must comment on my surprise of gaining a few followers during this time, it makes me simile every time I see a person expressing some form of appreciation for what I put out there, thank you!


6 thoughts on “Dear Me: the procrastinator

  1. My dear, you’re not alone, I procrastinate these days way too much than a human being should haha. Sometimes, I would dub myself as a lazy bean bum (LOL) but hey, life goes on after we’re done procrastinating, ei? And your swearing made me chuckle so much! Reminds me of the TV series I used to watch Father Ted, of course, not because of the swearing but it was the hilarity and yes they used the same swear word you use here, so it was light, you could say. 😉

    Hope you’re all well my sugary friend. Miss ya! ❤ x Donah

    • Hi, D! I swear too often than I like, and more worse but only in my own company and I don’t like it because I should’ve found better words by now but there’s a certain satisfaction in saying ‘the bad words’. I’m fine as can be at the moment 🙂 Missed you too!

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