Things that are blue (Versatile palette #2)

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Calm sky. Vast shadowy oceans.
Piercing haunting eyes.
The smell of fresh linen. The cry of a bird.
Baby boys. Ice and wind. Tears.
Lazy late summer evenings. Primary school uniforms.
The Oxford dictionary.
Persistence. Excellence. Insight.
Favorite coloured ink. A bad day.
Winter. December. Socks.
Comfortable solitary Friday afternoons.
Sweet love. An understanding friend.
Van Gogh. Mystery. Pain. Misery.
Mozart’s moonlight.

© Devina S.

Originally written for Poets’ Corner.

Things that are red (Versatile palette #1)


8 thoughts on “Things that are blue (Versatile palette #2)

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      1. Speaking of which, I’d said I would make one about some places in Guyana. There isn’t much to see where I live, being in the country, unless you like cane and rice fields. I do have some shots from Georgetown (capitol city) so I’d post those individually and when I have enough I’ll round ’em up. I had totally forgotten until I just now.

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