Hello, it’s so nice to see you again! Cracker? (got it from Pinterest)

Aren’t you a sweet duckie! Run along now, before your mum gets flighty. Uh, yes, that little fella said it for me, I think all of us bloggers need a break every so often and I’m feeling so-so right now, I’m not quite sure exactly that means too. I’ve stopped reading or at least I’m tying to because of my exams in Oct/Nov but it’s not an easy hobby to let lie. I am about a 100 and something pages away from finishing A Game of Thrones but I’m post postponing it until a later date and even though I’m brushing back Mercy Thompson during the nights, GoT wouldn’t sit well if I’m anxious as I am as of the moment. So that puts a halt in my progress in the Mad Reviewer Reading Challenge.

I’m not even sure what to write, there are ideas but not compelling enough to make me want to write about right now, and I am telling you it took a while to be compelled to write this post. More poems perhaps, yes, that might work. Also I have missed three going on four weeks of Picture it and Write! and I’m not in the last happy about it. It’s like my creative juices are drained. It could be aliens. Or ninjas.

So I’ll be around but not as often, not that many will miss me, just saying. This morning I was on the verandah taking out some morning shots (photos!) when I turned around there was a humming bird right in front of me but it fluttered away before I could have focused on it 😦 They aren’t very common in Guyana but more so in some of the islands like Trinidad and Tobago, this would be the second time I ever saw one. Though I didn’t get to snap a memory I’m just happy to have seen it so closely.

I didn’t sleep last night and I’ve just gotten back from school so I’ll be dropping like a log until I need to get ready for work. I’ve been feeling really down, probably the rest too, and I feel so lethargic. When I think of blogging I keep putting it off. I’m not concerned that I might quit it’s just a phase or something.

Lack of sleep and having the natural tendency to be more than a tad loony does things.
Lack of sleep and having the natural tendency to be more than a tad loony does things me. But it was fun 🙂

I hope this brought a smile to an otherwise dreary day 🙂 Cheers!


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  1. Hello my sugary friend! Cheer up! We go through things like this sometimes – all you need is a little break and you’ll be back to blogging mode again. xx

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