To Mothers

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Yesterday I was on a pin-athon and I made a board for the Avengers, because let’s face it people they are freaking awesome, but are they more so than moms? That might be a trick question but seeing that we all have met a real life mother than a real life super hero with mad ninja skills and wicked powers, yeah, I’d say moms are pretty fantastic. I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to give birth to and help raise five children, and live through the grief of the death of a new born son as my mother had. Don’t you forget the house work, my mama doesn’t let me.

There were times when I swore she couldn’t understand me and never will, but I’ve grown up and saw that she knows a lot more than she lets on. She can be really silly and thoughtful, I could tell her almost about everything but I don’t sometimes because I don’t want to add more to her pressure. Over the years she’s given me advice here and there, preparing me for the time when I have to go out on my own (whenever the hell that is because over here kids live with parents for years).

Mom always tell us to be strong and stand up for ourselves because she doesn’t want us to be like her, too submissive for her own good when it comes to bullying. She would leave me her portion of S&S chicken because she knew I liked it. She’d fret when I’m late for school and refuse to take lunch with me. She cares with her whole heart, and I’m so happy that I’m lucky enough to know what it’s like to be loved by a  mother. I don’t know what else to say other than that I love her.

My grandma is an iron woman, the years and their challenges have hammered and changed her, forging the steel backbone of the formidable lioness she is. I mentioned before that I’ve never met a more hardworking lady like her. Yes, she’s gotten grumpy as she nears her 64th birthday, but she has done so much, sacrificed so much for her children and us, her grandchildren that I am humbled by her. I am so so very scared at the thought of losing her, I don’t know what would become of me when …

Mothers are superheroes in their own rights. The thought of the fact that I come directly from her, I am literally a part of her and she is a part of me, I am awed. It is said that there is no stronger love than that of a mom has for her children, I believe in that. I don’t want to mention anything more about the exceptions than I just already have. It should be a happy day of being thankful to these women, even if those who aren’t related to us by blood but treat us as if we were, they are simply magical.

To all you moms out there that tuck your princesses and princes in at night, the moms that read bedtime stories, the ones that listen and give a shoulder to lean on, to the mothers that are too busy providing or busy cleaning up their kids’ mess: Thank You. You are our heroes!


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