You are …

You are

The hot chocolate blend

I’ve been searching for

All this time.

You are

The sunshine

In my garden,

The sparrow-man to my fairy.

You are

The sprinkles on top

A bad day.

You are

The sparkle in my eyes.

You are

The blanket and a bowl of soup,

In foul weather and bad times.

You are my North Star

In the night’s sky.

You are my one

And only.

Now say that

You love me

Seal it with your sweet kiss and

Make my day.

© Devina S.

I’ve been experimenting with this style, few words in a line, for some time and I think this one is the best one so far that I’m confident to share. There’s a sharpness in brevity, in both length and width, the nonet format has shown me this and I even think I might try a haiku!



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      1. Thanks once again, when I post, I’ll send you link , I am waiting when you are going to be the reader of that blog also 🙂 Be smiling and enjoy rainy days my friend 🙂

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