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The original post was accidentally deleted, I should have known better than to post on a phone. I hadn’t in me to do it all over again just then. Saturdays used to be my favourite day, until it was resigned to calculus classes instead of waking up late and reading for a few hours. Calculus, I have feeling it will lead me into trouble one of these days, forgive me but I can’t elaborate on that at the moment. Let me just say that I’m suffering from a bad case of scrambled brains.

I’m afraid to pick up a book to read lately for a few of reasons: A Game of Thrones is getting nerve racking so I must take a breather least I go into cardiac arrest; secondly, I really need sleep; thirdly, I have to push in more time for school work added to the work I have to do in the evenings. So you can imagine the time juggling I must do. I don’t like the idea of staying up late again, after successfully accomplishing the difficult task of sleeping early I would really hate to resume my midnight wakes, but it looks like I have no choice.

I’m finding it a problem to post for the past couple of weeks, I mean the ideas are there but I can’t seem to settle on one at the time. My mood has fluctuated lately, nothing to worry about I suppose, but I think it is slowly getting to me. Pinterest keeps me up with the streams of positive, feel-good quotes and sayings but for how long will it work and for how long will I be stranded in this current I’m surfing? These make me vulnerable to depression and I tend to think up a whole lot of crap when I’m in that dark place. I regret telling lots of the people I actually know, about my blog. I have to get away from myself and them too. It just sucks that they could be reading this.

I want to write more, like write every day. At least fifty or a hundred words. I think it would be good for me if I did. Do you believe that I am seriously considering writing? Yes! But mostly as a side job though it takes no joy out of the thought of being a published writer.

Before go, I’d like to say that I’m aware of the comments that still are unanswered. I promise that I will get around to them soon. As I’ve mentioned above, I’ll be making a firm attempt to write more stories (and poems), and I would really appreciate it if you reading this would please comment, I need critics! Whether you follow me or not, I would be most grateful.

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  1. It’s totally normal to be moody and all. especially with Game of Thrones slowly taking over… as well as school work. I’m in the same situation and I’m finding myself to be less active in the blogosphere, or let’s say, more irregular than I would have liked.

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