Boston tragedy

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First I would like to say how sorry I am especially for the people who were inured and those who lost their lives in the Boston bombing. Maybe that doesn’t help any but my condolences goes out to them. Last night I was surfing the net and on a vivid red banner on the search engine there was ALERT in bold white letters. It was then I knew. At the time it was like I couldn’t believe it, being half way around the world doesn’t stop me from seeing how unreal it could all be, a sad irony since it seems to be common these days.

Just a few moments ago I was glued to the television, the CNN news is still on, I can hear it from here in my room. All at once the reality of it all slammed into me and the emotions that I felt were mainly of three things; sorrow, horror and anger. I won’t count the numbers of the damaged lives and the dead. I try really hard to forget that little boy, Martin Richard, I really do but it’s really hard, because knowing all of this hurts. I want to make this as short as possible because I don’t see the point in stretching out this situation more than I should.

The FBI and the others working with them, they promised to search to the ‘end of the world’ to find the person/people responsible for this heinous offense to humanity. I have faith in them, we have to. I don’t know to what ends this served their purpose but by carrying out such an act only shows that they are the lowest of the low. ‘Cowards’ as President Obama correctly called them. Only cowards would do this to innocents, cowards and maniacs.

It’s times like these when we are reminded again in what kind of world we live in, the darker parts. But it also shows the good, strangers reaching out strangers in this time of need, bracing one another, holding on. The presence of medics on scene were crucial to the lives that were saved yesterday and to them I am grateful, we all are. From the footage we were shown, I saw little panic and more control, the city is slowly regaining normality. ‘Resilience’ it was described as by one reporter.

To everyone affected, you are all in my prayers. I hope that with each day that goes by that you will gather new strength to move on and when remembering, you will feel as little pain. Show those terrorists just how resilient the people of Boston are. If they thought that they would weaken a nation by blowing lives up, they are wrong, it will unite the people against the threat they pose. By doing this they strengthen the will and the resolve of the United States of America.

To you the cowards, one day, and I hope one day soon, they will find you in your hidey-holes and blind you with the brilliant searing rays of justice. You make me sick.


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