Fashion: is it really all that?

For a long time I’ve distanced myself from gravitating to the arena of fashion because I had

Via Pinterest, click to see
Via Pinterest, click to see

believed that with all the emphasis being placed on physical appearances I deemed it superficial and shallow. Let it be known that I was very self conscious at the time and I wanted less to do with things that reminded me of how much I was lacking, I just realized this.

If any of you are following me on Pinterest you may notice a few boards dedicated to men and women’s attire and a couple on masculine and feminine beauty. Let’s just say that belief had began crumbling slowly away and in it’s space there was a new one. Before I go on I will tell you that recently I’ve taken to stalk a couple of models (Ryan Barrette and mostly David Gandy). While doing so I came to see

Via Pinterest, click to see

how they look at it and my perspective shifted.

It’s like an art, of the cloth not the canvas. Art is a form of expression. Like in paintings, you might feel that piece touch you somewhere because somewhere in it you found something that pulled at you, you interpreted the artist’s strokes amidst the colours and textures. Perhaps you saw what the artist wanted you to see or maybe you something in it that’s yours. I’ve learned that fashion isn’t an obvious art but I wonder why. It tells us something about the wearer, chic, funky, reserved and so on. It, again I use this word or a variation, expresses and it’s something to respect.

So I shamelessly cruse around boards, with my eyes lingering longer in some places (on the clothes, people :P) and take it in. Try to understand what this look is trying to say. Is it something I would were (that is, if I had the cheddar), does it say ‘me’? Or does it say ‘Gaga’? I find it fun, it’s like fingering through hangers in a store only it’s on the Internet, a convenient way to window shop.

To be honest, some of the things they come out with are ridiculous and it make you wonder if people really wear those things on the street. Exhibit A:

“South African artist Leanie van der Vyver and Dutch created these treacherously high, backwards heels as a commentary on the great lengths women will go to for vanity. They’re the most frightening footwear we’ve ever seen. Unsurprisingly, Lady Gaga has already borrowed them” says Nicole d’Avis. Via Pinterest

Exhibit B (oy):

Seriously? Via Pinterest, click to see.

Exhibit C:

Hung out to dry more like. Via Pinterest.

Exhibit D, last but not least, I figured Victoria’s Secret should have a space:

This one was just for fun. I’m sensible to know that the wings are props, or so I think … Click to see on Pinterest. (Fashion week 2012)

I know there are some people who are totally obsessed with how they look and the things they would wear and feel great in while others might just shake their heads and laugh (like me) because in all seriousness, it can be crazy. But one thing I’ve always told my father when we happen to come across such persons: I have to admire their self confidence. Me? I wouldn’t even think about it form several reasons but they did it anyway. But if I happen to know she (or, to be fair, he) is as vain as Snow White’s stepmother then I’ll just laugh my head off. Am I being mean? Well, I’m a little sorry, it that helps any.

I believe there is not limit to art, and there clearly isn’t to clothing designing but come on. Anyways people see the world differently, live life differently and shows it as differently so I can’t say much on that, let them express in the ways they feel right. But I do reserve my rights to criticize, hey, everyone’s a critique. Personally, I don’t think I’m all that vain but I understand that we all are to some extent. Once I have on a decent pair of pants or a skirt on (past my knees) and a simple covering blouse, I am fine. I don’t put a lot of value on my looks only that I should be presentable at any given time.

So I’ll answer my question ‘Is it really all that?,’ to that I say, “Yes, it is, because it’s about people and how they broadcast their individuality to the world”. Don’t be surprised if I happen to gush on selected pieces of clothing in the future!

Agree? Disagree? What’s your take?



6 thoughts on “Fashion: is it really all that?

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  1. I see clothes as utilitarian mostly. The outrageous costs of “fashion” just make me shudder. I can look and feel good in simple, inexpensive clothes. I need designer labels to make me feel special. Although, it is fun to look at what some of these designers come up with every year! 😉

    1. I can look and feel good in simple, inexpensive clothes. I need designer labels to make me feel special. I feel that way too. On a another note, it doesn’t bother me if people decide to live by brand name clothes, that’s their business, it’s the ones that brag about it any time they get a chance.

      Definitely fun! It just keeps on amazing me to realize that there will be no end to a designer’s creativity, it reflects our ability to be … infinite.
      Cheers Lorna 🙂

  2. Oh lordy querida I hope nobody ever wears exhibit A, that’s just faceplant waiting to happen. On the other hand, I am looking to revamp my wardrobe 😀

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